Hi, my name is Vicky!

I'm a Transformational Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher, I work with women who are feeling a little lost, they have everything they've ever wanted but they feel empty, they 'should' be happy but something is missing. I help them make changes from the inside out, to discover who they really are and help them find meaning and purpose in life so they feel deeply fulfilled. Do you need to make changes in your life? I'd love to support you

Find You – Find Balance

Finding Balance Strategy Session

This one hour strategy session will shine a light onto the main issues that are out of balance for you, so you can begin to make changes straight away. With my innate gift to get right to the heart of a problem you'll gain clarity on what’s been holding you back and the steps you need to take to create lasting change.

Rebalance Coaching Package

This 6 week coaching package is for those who need a little more guidance. As an intuitive I tailor each session just for you. You'll get clear on your goals and the changes you need to make to achieve them, you'll discover yourself on a whole new level and you'll have my support and guidance on implementing your new healthy habits for change.

The Visionary Reset Package

This 2 month deep dive is for the 'sensitive' visionary - you know who you are, you have a dream but self-doubt and sabotage are holding you back. It's time to stop playing small, get out of your own way and make shit happen! This package is a complete reset of your past negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self-doubt. This is a powerful process, please only signup if you are serious about changing your life and achieving your vision.

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