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It starts with a dream

Mothering your dream is a bit like baking a cake, there are a few essential ingredients that can’t be left out but once you have these key ingredients in place you can play around with the recipe so it’s more to your taste.  So today I would like to share what I consider the 3 key ingredients are to creating that dream life so that you can have your cake and eat it!

2 cups of self-acceptance

It’s amazing how two little words can have so much meaning, I could write a book on these two words alone but for today I will keep it short and sweet.  You have to discover who you really are, learn to love yourself and most importantly accept yourself, warts and all.  Until you do this you will never feel worthy of that grand vision you hold for yourself and you will never allow yourself to achieve it.  Think of your self-acceptance as the key ingredient, without this you have no cake.  Without self-love and acceptance you have no dream.

When you start to discover more about yourself, play to your strengths and use those natural talents I know you have then life just becomes so much sweeter.  It’s crazy that we have to ‘find ourselves’ surely we should already know who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are and what our natural talents are but for most of us we don’t.  Perhaps as a child you were told to toughen up so you began to see your sensitive nature as a weakness and not the beautiful strength that it is or you were told you were too bossy so your natural leadership skills became something you tried to hide, there are many different reasons we lose touch with our true selves but these are not important, what is important is that you rediscover the real you.

I had never really considered myself an introvert until I read this post,  I used to really envy those big vibrant personalities who just ooze confidence and light up a room, I used to wish I was more like them but now I understand the nature of an introvert and have accepted that that is who I am and I am more than happy just being me, I see now how this is actually one of my biggest strengths and not the weakness I always thought it was, my deep introspection is what allows me to write, in denying that aspect of myself I was literally repelling my dream!

I’m currently reading the Millionaire Master Plan by Roger James Hamilton, in it he describes the 4 main genius types and explains how each of us has a main genius type but if we are not honouring this natural part of ourselves then we are trying to swim up stream.  I would have considered myself the Dynamo genius, these are the creators and intuitive thinkers, I am forever coming up with new ideas but then berate myself because I don’t have time to implement them all, however after taking the test I discovered I’m not a Dynamo I’m a Steel genius.  The Steel genius is all about systems, they are more introverted and analytical, they ask the question ‘how’; how can this be done without me?  After reading all about the Steel genius I have a much better understanding of how my natural energy works and I can begin to play to these strengths, I now know why I hate small talk, why I love a good spread sheet and why I crave so much to write a book, it’s my system!  My book is my system to creating your dream life and writing suits my introverted nature.  By discovering myself I am literally walking the path towards my dream and so can you, you need to go find yourself, discover your natural energy and talents and then you will have those two cups of self-acceptance which will form the basis of your dream recipe!

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A cup of Belief

So we’ve added the self-acceptance and I’m presuming you already know what that dream life is you are trying to create so next we need to add some belief and this is vital.  We know that by the law of attraction we are the creator of our reality but until our thoughts become strong enough to form a belief we won’t begin to see the evidence of what we are creating because we will still be running on old negative belief systems, and therefore attracting those into our reality, so this step of the process can take time and some mental work on your behalf.  I remember in my early twenties reading so many books and listening to inspiring audio and really envying those people, I wanted so much to be able to inspire people like they did but I just couldn’t imagine it.  The dream was far too big for me at that time but I never stopped wanting it and in time as the years passed and my desire grew stronger, as I discovered who I am and began to accept myself I slowly began to believe that one day it could be possible, it was a faint belief at first and it was tainted with self-doubt but each year it grew bigger and bigger and now I am there, I believe with my whole heart that this is what I am meant to do, I was born to write, it is my dream to help as many people as I can to achieve their dreams and I believe I can do it!

Where are you currently at on the belief scale?  Do you have a vision of your future that currently feels too big for you?  If so you just need to keep taking baby steps towards it, not in physical action terms but mentally, every night when you get into bed start imagining that scenario, whatever it is you want to do, be or have.  For me I imagine I’m at a book signing and people are queuing up for me to sign a copy of my book!  At first it felt impossible, I even questioned my mental health 🙂 but in time we start to believe that it could be possible and this is where the magic starts!

So when you start adding belief to your recipe do it slowly, add a little and give it a stir, add a little more and stir and before you know it, just as the ingredients start to hold together, so will your belief and you will really start to believe it’s possible!

A dash of Patience

Now here is the thing all those teachers of the law of attraction don’t tell you about; divine timing.  You would never bake a cake for 30 minutes if the recipe required 60 because you know it wouldn’t be cooked and you would just have one big soggy mess but when it comes to things we want in life we expect immediate results.  We live in a world where we have everything we need at our fingertips, you can order food from your phone to be delivered to your door within 30 minutes, Google will give you the answer to any question you have in seconds, the internet and technology have brought the world to our fingertips but we have lost the art of patience (I’m holding my hands up in a ‘guilty as charged’ motion on this one!).  When mothering our dream patience is an essential ingredient!  As a mother we don’t have every minute of the day to commit to bringing it to fruition as quickly as we would like but also just like you don’t want to take the cake out of the oven until its cooked neither should you rush your dream, it takes time.

If you have learnt to accept yourself and play to your natural strengths and talents, if you know what you want and where you are headed and you mentally commit to visualising this every day you begin to build a belief in yourself and your vision, then the only thing holding you back is divine timing; you have to trust that it will come, you have to learn to sit back and relax and enjoy life as it is right now, knowing that the future you dream of is just around the corner.  I write for myself just as much as I write for you because this is a biggy for me, becoming a best-selling author has been my dream for 9 years!!  NINE YEARS. Actually its longer than that but I have been consciously working on it for that long and I know in my heart the only thing between me and that vision is timing but I get impatient, I want it now!  We are here to learn and grow, if we manifested our dreams overnight where would be the growth?  I have learnt so much over the past 9 years, I have been on a journey and life is all about the journey!  Now I am just waiting for the right moment, I have been pregnant with this dream for 9 years and I am ready to birth it into the world, my bun as they say is cooked!

It’s time to start dreaming, to start adding those ingredients into the bowl and stir; gently, patiently. Your dream is just around the corner, hold the faith, hold the belief and patiently, with a pinch of excited anticipation, await your dreams because believe me it will come true!

With love and patience

Vicky x

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