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may your cup overflow with abundance!

Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough hours in the day and like you never get a minute to yourself?  Do you wish you could get through your day with a little more ease?  With less rushing and more noticing, less stress and more calm, less out of control and more in the zone.

It is possible but it will take a bit of effort initially to break some old habits and adopt new ways of thinking whilst clearing space for your new life to take hold.  To help you I have included 3 actionable steps and a FREE 10 day Abundance & Gratitude course which will be delivered direct to your inbox.

What does abundance really mean?

Abundance is about having more than enough of everything you need and for most of us we do, but we are so busy focusing on all the things that we don’t have that we fail to see and appreciate all the things we do have.

Everything is energy, even our thoughts, and what we focus on grows; it’s as simple as that.  Do you want to grow your abundance or your lack?

To create true abundance in our lives there are 2 main things you have to do: a) be grateful for what you already have and b) let go of what you no longer need so can you create room in your life for the things you desire.

Step 1 – Practice Gratitude

Our thoughts are energy and what we give out returns to us like a boomerang.  If we give out thoughts of gratitude we will attract even more things to be grateful for. However, I know life with kids isn’t easy, they can test us to our limit and some days the only thing we are grateful for is bed time!  But once you get into the flow of expressing gratitude it gets easier and easier and you start to notice so many moments of joy in your day that you would otherwise have missed.

Actionable step – each morning start your day by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for, then throughout your day start to notice the little things and express gratitude for them.  At bed time think of 3 things you are grateful for that happened that day.  This is so easy to do; it’s just about awareness and persistence.

Step 2 – De-clutter your home 

When our homes are cluttered it has a huge impact on our energy.  Think about how you feel when you walk into a messy room….and now think how you feel after a good spring clean, it’s a really noticeable difference isn’t it?  We are often completely unaware just how much energy we waste thinking about the mess!  When we de-clutter our home our personal energy feels better, you can think clearer, you feel lighter and this then impacts every area of your life.

The trouble for many of us is that we struggle with throwing things away, we become attached to things – “I wore this on our first date”, we keep things ‘just in case’ – “what if I lose weight? Or gain weight?” and we feel guilty – “but my mam bought me this”. The truth is we just need to get rid of it.

Actionable step – here is a little beauty of a tool I discovered from Marie Kondo’s book ‘The life-changing magic of tidying’.  It’s very simple and has changed the lives of millions of people already, you simply ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” for each item you own and if the answer is no you let it go and say thank you to it (yes we are expressing gratitude to it, I love this!).  I just had a huge clear out a few weeks ago and as usual put loads of ‘just in case’ clothes back in my wardrobe and hung onto a load of stuff I never use but discovering this tool has completely changed how I see it and I can now let it all go and make room in my wardrobe for clothes that do bring me joy!

Step 3 – de-clutter your mind

As a busy mum I dare say you have a never ending to-do list running around in your mind.  You probably never get a minutes peace and if you do you feel guilty because the list is nagging at you “finish this, start that, oh I must remember to do that, shit I forgot to make that appointment again!”  Sound familiar?

You know the saying a tidy home is a tidy mind, well now you’ve cleared out the closets lets clear out the mental junk too because it affects your energy just as much and stops you from enjoying the things you already have.  Mental junk steals you from the present moment by constantly keeping you fixed on the future and all the things you have to do! Have you ever found yourself doing something with your child but mentally you are working through that to-do list instead of being fully present? Well let’s create some space in our minds so we can be fully present with our children.

Actionable step – this exercise will only take about 10 minutes to do but it will save you hours on wasted mental energy:

  • Take a piece of paper and write down ALL the things that run through your mind that need to be done; these could be business related, house hold chores, appointments to book, paper work to complete, phone calls you’ve been putting off, books/courses you haven’t finished/started (I had 9 of these!). Write down everything!
  • Now number them as follows (or create your own system that works for you):
    1. Do this week
    2. Do this month
    3. Do this quarter
    4. Do this year
    5. Remove from list
  • Take a fresh piece of paper and draw a large square and divide it into 4, one for each of the above (number 5’s can be removed completely from your mind!) and write down each of the tasks in the corresponding box. You now have a clear visual and can focus on this week’s tasks and forget about the rest.

Each week take a look at the ‘do this month’ list and decide which are the priorities for that week and keep adding and subtracting from the list.  The list will never be empty but it will always be organised and because it’s down on paper its out of your mind.

By expressing gratitude and creating space in your life you are opening yourself up to receive abundance in all things; love, time, money, whatever your heart desires!

Implementing these 3 steps will make a huge difference and to help you even further I have created a FREE Gratitude & Abundance course with daily emails that will really shift your focus to the things that really matter, helping you to become more present and peaceful.  After the initial 10 day course I have also included a whole years’ worth of email prompts to keep you on track because it’s so easy to slip back into old habits.  Real change comes from ACTION so sign up now and get started.

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With gratitude

Vicky xx

photo credit: Abundance Runneth Over via photopin (license)