self-awarenessIf you’re a people pleasing perfectionist or you’ve ever wondered who you really are, then this post is for you.

Self-acceptance is the number one thing for a happy, successful and peaceful life but when we give too many damns about what other people think, or we try to get everything ‘just right’, we aren’t able to fully accept ourselves.  We over identify with our thoughts and we spend our days trying to please everybody else, whilst we’re left unhappy and exhausted.

Self-acceptance doesn’t happen over night, it’s a journey but one you will be very glad you took.

3 keys to self-acceptance:

1. The most powerful question you can ask

The first step on the journey to accepting who you really are is to focus on this life-changing question – Who am I?

We spend most of our lives on autopilot, never taking time to stop and contemplate such things, mostly because we’re afraid of the answer.  So let me ask you this question another way – who do you want to be?

I have a little secret for you, that ‘ideal self,’ who you wish you were, you already are.  

You already are everything you dream of being but you’ve spent your entire life trying to be who other people think you ‘should’ be or how you ‘should’ behave so you’ve lost sight of the real you.  

Start by asking Who am I? and spend some time thinking it over.  Believe me the answers will start to come.

2. Self-awareness

Step 2 is to start observing yourself.  

What makes you tick? What lights you up and what pushes your buttons? 

Awareness if crucial on the journey to self-acceptance but often we don’t like what we see so we don’t dig any deeper.  The trouble is you’ve over identified with your thoughts and behaviours.  You think you are your thoughts and behaviours, but you’rent.  You’re so much more than them and these can be changed. 

You have to dig deep to find who you really are and then you can begin to change your thoughts and behaviours that aren’t in alignment so that you can become that women you dream of being.  She is inside waiting to be set free. 

For example, may be you wish to be confident but you hide from the world. Something might of happened to knock your confidence when you were younger so you began to hold back, you started to tell yourself you weren’t confident because you compared yourself to others.  You ARE confident, you just need to nurture that aspect of yourself.  Trust me i’m speaking from experience on this one.

3. Releasing the past

Once you’ve dared to ask the question and gained awareness of who you think you are, who you want to be, the real you, can begin to emerge.  You can release the parts that don’t fit anymore, the habits and thought patterns that created the current you can be let go of, so that the real you can begin to shine through.  

You’ll know longer give so many damns about what other people think because your confidence can begin to shine, you’ll accept all of who you’re, you’ll honour your own needs and be true to yourself without the chronic need to please everybody else.

Remember this is a journey.  This particular journey took me 5 years but with the right mentor you can make this journey much shorter. And I can help you.

As a transformational life coach, helping women accept themselves is what I do and if you’ve like to get started on this journey right away I have 3 places left on my Self-care & Mindfulness retreat happening this Saturday (13th May) in Seaham, Co. Durham.

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There is real power in self-acceptance.  It’s like the whole universe starts to conspire in your favour when you step into who you really are and become the woman you were born to be and it all starts with that powerful question, self-awareness and then the courage to let go of who you think you are to become who you were born to be.

It’s time to set your soul free!

Much love

Vicky xx

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