About Old

07030727-02307030727-024If asked to describe myself just a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have known what to say; I’ve felt like such a contradiction my whole life.

After my second daughter was born in June 2012 I had no idea who I was any more.  Every waking hour (and every hour I was meant to be sleeping too) was dedicated to my children.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed and battling with depression.  I was far from the perfect mother I expected myself to be.

As an ‘all or nothing’ kind of girl I found balancing all that life threw at me impossible. The more I focused on one area, the more the others fell out of sync.  I experienced depression, health issues, an eating disorder, desperately low self-esteem, I had completely lost sight of my purpose and my marriage was on the verge of collapse.  Motherhood wasn’t the dream I had imagined.

Who am I?  was the question that echoed around my mind.  And when my mind asks a question I search for the answer.  I went on a journey to find the real me.

I can now confidently tell you who I am; I’m a sensitive and empathic soul, naturally intuitive with a feisty and rebellious edge.  I’m an introvert by nature but happy to take centre stage when in my power, which is when I’m teaching.  I’m reserved and keep my opinions mostly to myself until there’s an injustice then my Leo lioness comes out to pounce.  If you ask for my honest opinion you’ll get it.  I’m as loyal as the day is long but can sense a lie and dishonesty a mile off and will no longer accept that kind of shit in my life.

In discovering who I am, I now know who I am not; my people pleasing days are over.  I have learnt to set boundaries, to say no to excess demands on my time and most importantly the art of balance and self-care.  I have accepted my natural talents and I’m using them to run my own business, to write, to fulfil my purpose and live the life I once only ever dreamed of.

I have shared my journey whole heartedly on my Blog so feel free to dig around in the archives or read some of my most popular posts – Mother me and Motherhood; The Truth.

If I have learnt one thing throughout my journey it’s this:  Dreams can only be built on a solid foundation of self-love and self-care and to nurture our children we first have to nurture ourselves.

It’s my deepest desire that you discover the real you, your innate talents and you honour your own needs like you do your child’s.

Whether your dream is to bring a little more balance to your life or you have a vision for your future but don’t know how to bring it to reality, please join me on my journey and we’ll mother our dreams together!

With love

Vicky x