My mission is to help heart-centred women in business to find true balance.

True balance is the perfect blend of Mind, Body and Soul.  It’s bringing all of who you’re into your business, sharing your brilliance without the burnout.

My entrepreneurial journey taught me everything I needed to know about balance, the hard way.

When my journey began I was working a day job and running a business whilst looking after my very active toddler and experiencing a sickly pregnancy. I completely neglected my spiritual nature and my body and pushed myself to burnout.

I began to slowly regain my health and find the balance my body needed but still neglected my spiritual side and all my efforts were focused in my mind.

I was overwhelmed with all their was to do.  I kept thinking ‘who am I to do this?’ I was full of self-doubt and felt like a fraud. My heart whispered ‘you can do this’ but my head screamed ‘give up Vicky, leave it to the professionals’.

I then began to work on my mindset and trained as a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and as a Coach.  I began working through my doubts and beliefs, there were many.

Physically I was feeling better, mentally I was stronger but I was still holding back spiritually.

After months and months of no income, something had to give. I started using all my spiritual tools and incorporated them into my daily life.  I started to get ideas and experienced more ‘in the flow’ moments.

This is it I thought and I began getting results, but not the kind I was after, what was missing now?

I’d become so fixated on my business and earning money, due to the lack of it, that I wasn’t focusing on my ‘why’, my message to the world.

So I got focused on my why and I owned it.  Until that point I had hummed and hawed about ‘balance’ being my thing, it felt too ‘fluffy’.  Who the hell is looking for balance I thought.

No one is looking for balance, they need it and that’s why i’m here to teach it and why I had to experience the painful lesson of being unbalanced.

I teach the art of true balance.  Balancing Mind, Body and Soul through Mindset work, health and energy work for your body and spirituality and purpose for your Soul. There’s nothing fluffy about that!

These are the holy trio you need for your business to succeed.  So whether you’re just starting out or are already running your business but need to find a better balance then let’s connect and see how I can support you on your journey.

You’re a spiritual being having an human experience , until you accept and embrace that truth into your life and business, you’ll continue to feel that deep sense that something is missing or achieve great success at the cost of your health.

Much love

Vicky x

Vicky Drake

Life Balance Coach

I’m Vicky, I’m a mother of two amazing daughters and I’m a down-to-earth, no bullshit Coach & Spiritual Teacher with a light-hearted sense of humour for good measure!

I’m an Intuitive-Empath and have an innate gift to see right to the heart of a problem. I spent 10 years working in Training & Development in the corporate world and 5 years empowering women to have a confident birth but I had a burning to desire to make a bigger difference and to discover and unleash my full potential.

Now as a Coach & Teacher I inspire and empower women to find and live their purpose whilst living a balanced life by honouring their divine nature and stepping into their true power.  I believe we’re all here for a reason and that you have a gift to share with the world but you can only do that when you are balanced in Mind, Body and Soul.

My straight-talking, but gentle and light-hearted approach, can help you find simple solutions to your biggest problems. I believe in balance so I bring the perfect blend of practical tools and spiritual wisdom to my work.

I have an innate gift of feeling others feelings and sensing the energy behind their words, which is why my clients tell me I ‘really get them’ and that I’m ‘so perceptive’.  These are my gifts and I use them to help heart-centred women in business create the life they know deep down they’re here to live.