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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Do you struggle with your energy levels, moods and sleep?  If so then todays post is for you!

This is a very vulnerable video where I share my journey and a personal health issue, in it I discuss:

  • Insomnia, exhaustion and irritability
  • Why you have to trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right
  • The most important mind set on the road to health
  • Why acceptance and surrender are essential for healing
  • Why you should never give up on yourself!

You don’t have a soul.  You ARE a soul.  You have a body

C.S Lewis

Our body is the vehicle we use to drive through life, we need to care for it every single day.  Click to Tweet

If a warning light comes on the dashboard of your car do you ignore it and continue to drive and risk breaking the car further?  Of course not, you would get it safely home then get a mechanic to check it.  If your car is running on empty do you keep going or stop and refuel?  Of course you refuel because you know it can’t run on empty.  So why then don’t we do the same for our bodies?  We ignore the warning signs and we keep pushing even when we are running on empty!  It’s time to stop, listen and honour our bodies needs.  If you don’t take care of it nobody else will and one day the damage might just be too much.

What’s your body been calling out for lately?  More rest, better food, more water, more sleep or play?  Listen to it and give it what it needs and you’ll have a much less bumpy ride!


If my story resonates with you and you want to reach out to me you can leave a comment below or email me at victoriadrake@hotmail.co.uk and if you’re a sensitive soul with a health issue I highly recommend you check out www.heidisawyer.com

Here’s to good health!

With love

Vicky xx