woman sitting alone

We all need a little Breathing Space from time to time.  Especially mothers.  And if you’re an introverted or highly-sensitive mother then this need increases dramatically.

But most women are overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt every time they take a break.

So we push and push, ignoring the signs of our body.

In this constant state of pushing we’re operating from the sympathetic nervous system (our stress response) where the stress hormone cortisol fills our body and unless we’re taking active steps each day to reduce it, it continues to cause damage to our health and affects every area of our lives.

With all the demands of modern day life and young children how do we find this Breathing Space each day to refill our bodies and reduce stress?

Here are my 3 top tips:

  1.  Release limiting thoughts and emotions

You need to release the current mindset you have towards ‘me’ time and self-care.  We’ve been told to believe its selfish to take time for ourselves and that we must constantly give to others. Truth be told you can’t give from an empty cup.  It’s not wrong to take time to care for your needs and you certainly shouldn’t feel guilty for it!

When you find yourself beating yourself up or feeling guilty because ‘there’s so much to do’ become aware of it and change your thinking immediately.

I have a powerful Guilt Release Meditation that can help you with releasing this guilt so you can begin to find some Breathing Space each day. (free signup link below)

 2.  Refill your body

Spend 10 to 20 minutes (more if you can) alone each day doing something that you really love.

This is especially important for introverts and highly-sensitive people because we need this down time to recharge, unlike extroverts who feel energised when they’re around others.

This could include anything from reading, taking a bath, getting out in nature or just focusing on the breath.  Deep breathing is a very powerful tool to release stress and switch on the bodies relaxation response.  I have a 3 minute Breathing Space MP3 that can help you fit this powerful tool into your day, it’s brilliant to use before a busy part of your day to help you centre and focus (free signup link below).

3.  Rewire your brain to be present now

One of the things that’s stops us getting that Breathing Space we crave is the constant mind chatter.  We’re always thinking about the past of worrying about the future, we’re rarely right here in this moment.

Mindfulness is a powerful practice to help you stay focused on the here and now.  Bringing your attention to the present moment by focusing on one of your 5 senses can really help you switch off that mental chatter and give you a little peace.

To help I have created a Detachment Meditation which can help you step away from the constant thoughts in your mind and become the quiet observer. (link for all 3 audio’s is at the bottom of this post)

By releasing guilt, filling your body with some daily ‘me’ time and bringing your attention to the present moment you’ll be able to create a little more Breathing Space each day day.

To download your FREE Guilt Release Meditation, Breathing Space MP3 and Detachment Meditation click here.

What’s the main thing preventing you getting the Breathing Space you need each day?  Leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can find a solution!

With love

Vicky x