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When the shit hits the fan!

It’s been another rollercoaster week of highs and lows and everything in between, this week could have gone down as one of the shittiest yet but I’ve learnt that life is going to unfold around you in ways you can’t always foresee, and it’s not what’s happening that’s important but your reaction to it, let me tell you about my week when the shit hit the fan!

Ok, so if you read last week post dear ego, back off then you know I hit a pretty all-time low the previous week and was ready to quit it all, however I managed to cling to that flicker of hope and relight my burning passion and last Wednesday I was back on track and my first real, solid idea was beginning to take root in my mind.  As I’ve mentioned in a number of posts, financially things aren’t great for us at the moment, my business (I Teach Active Antenatal™ classes) has been extremely quiet the past two months and I’ve barely earned a thing, meaning my husband is the only one bringing in any money.  On Thursday morning he decides to break it to me that he’s lost his job (he’s a self-employed car valeter and has had a contract with a large valeting company for more than 6 years but they have just gone into liquidation).  My initial thought was ‘WTF are we going to do for money?’ but before I allowed the negative mind chatter and ‘oh my god poor us’ mentality to take hold I paused and thought about it.  When the proverbial shit hits the fan you have two options:

1)  Focus on the problem and get covered in shit – What we focus on grows so focus on the problem and you will get more problems!


2)  Focus on the solution and allow the shit to glide past you – When you stay focused on what is becoming and not what is right now then you are able to come up with solutions and more solutions will come!

Focus on the solution

So on Thursday I focused on the solution, ‘how can we increase our income’ not the problem, ‘we have no money coming in to pay the bills!’  His last day at work was due to be Friday and we discovered that he wouldn’t be receiving his pay for the past 2 weeks (that’s half a month’s wage!) cue the ‘holy shit what are we going to do?’ thought and the corresponding ‘focus on the solution not the problem’ mantra.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know a few weeks ago I created a 21 day Breathing Space Challenge to help mums find time to recharge their batteries each day, it was purely an inspired action one morning while writing my blog, I didn’t think it through I just went with it.  Well it turned out to be a great group and I got some great feedback, and last week I created a survey to see if this was the kind of thing mums would be interested in and over 100 women responded to say yes it was!

Dodging shit

So while all of this shit was flying past me and I was doing my best to stay focused on finding a solution I thought ‘hey, why not launch a Breathing Space online program?’, the only trouble is I haven’t created it yet and it could take weeks, a mental reminder pops up to ‘focus on the solution’.  Then a flash of inspiration hits me, how about I schedule it for a few weeks’ time and while I’m promoting it I can create it.  It just so happened I already knew exactly what mums wanted thanks to my survey and feedback from the group I’d just run.  I’ll be honest had it not have been for all the shit dodging I would have thought about it long enough to talk myself out of it but whilst in solution focused mode it was the perfect time!  My mind was made up, I was going for it.

Cue more shit

After 2 very sleepless nights (courtesy of an earache for my little one) and the news that my granddad was on his last breaths, the fan went up a notch, but despite being exhausted and emotional I chose to stay focused on the solution.  Yesterday sadly my granddad past away, if you’ve lost a grandparent then you know how heart-breaking it is but his passing has only offered more fuel to my fire.  When someone you love passes it makes you realise just how precise and short life is.  So in between the tears and heartache I have an even stronger than ever desire to be the change I want to see in the world!

My granddads first smiles off his first grandchild - precious moment
My granddads first smiles off his first grandchild – a precious moment captured forever

This week could have been a pretty shitty one, no income (thankfully my husband got work to start Monday), a poorly child and the passing of my granddad but I chose to focus on solutions and not problems, I’m using my current issues as a springboard to something better.  When life shows you what you don’t want it’s also providing you with a beautiful opportunity to change it for what you do want, you just have to have the courage to go for it.   My granddad has had a good innings, as they say, but he has spent the past couple of years in a home since my grandma died and hasn’t had the quality of life he should, whilst his passing is heart-breaking, I believe he is going to a better place and that’s where my focus will remain.

My BIG announcement 

I believe it’s finally time for me to take things to another level and therefore I am pleased to announce that my Breathing Space program is now available!

I can’t believe less than one year ago I wrote my first ever Blog post without a clue where it would lead and here I am launching my first online program and I did it all by practising what I preach! I’m following my passion, I’m focusing on what I wish to create and taking inspired action as and when it comes, I’m mothering my dream step by step with no force or resistance, just a burning passion and inspired action.  I don’t have it all figured out I’m just trusting that the path will unfold perfectly for me.  As it will for you.

When you dare to dream and start to believe in that dream, the only thing left is to create it. Today is one giant step forward in my dream to creating more passion; purpose and prosperity in my life by helping you create it in yours!

It’s time to Dream – Believe – Create

With a lovely deep breath in,

Vicky x


POST UPDATE NOVEMBER 2015 – As with all creative endeavours I completely underestimated how long it would take to create and launch an online programme, so 9 months after writing this post it’s still not live, however it has grown into something far bigger than I initially planned.  the official launch will be in January 2016.  Good things come to those who wait x

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