Do you believe in destiny? That you’re here for a reason, with a unique purpose and message to share? If you do I think you will enjoy the following story, it certainly gave me goosebumps.

When I was 19 I went to see a psychic, he told me lots of things but, the only thing that really stood out that I remember so clearly today, is that I am a Rainbow Warrior. It gave me chills. I googled it after the session but couldn’t find anything about it, except the Green Peace boat which was called the Rainbow Warrior.

That was 18 years ago and I have searched for it several times since and never found anything to tell me what it meant.

Over the past 18 years I have been obsessed with finding my ‘purpose’, that one special thing that I am here to do, and more recDiscover Your Destinyently I found it but here’s the really freaky part….

Two weeks ago as I was planning on the launch of my Rebellious Soul program, which helps women discover who they really are and find their purpose, one of the women who attended my first round of the program posted the following image in my Facebook group and said it reminded her of the Rebellious Souls:

I literally got goosebumps from head to toe when I read that last line. For 18 years I had wondered what was meant by being a Rainbow Warrior and then just before I launched my Rebellious Soul program, which is basically another word for a Rainbow Warrior, I found out. The timing was unbelievably perfect.

What was even more goosebumps inducing, was when other pieces of the puzzle started to fit into place, like my natural curiosity of the Native Americans, and a time when I got goosebumps when someone told me about their trip to Chitzen Itza in Mexico,I had never heard of it but something told me this place was significant. Years later when booking my honeymoon the travel agent suggested Mexico but I initially dismissed it. It was only when nowhere else ticked all my boxes that she began to talk about Mexico again and mentioned a day trip you could do the Ancient Mayan temples at Chitzen Itza, again I was filled with goosebumps and new I had to go!

Whilst on honeymoon I read the 2012 Prophecy book, which was written by the Mayan’s (the prophecy was, not the book LOL) and there was a sentence in the book that sent shivers down my spine, it said all Mayan’s, who were an ancient native american tribe, had a birth mark on their back in the same place, I have a birth mark on my back n the exact same spot in the shape of a butterfly!!! I read that line on the coach whilst driving to Chitzen Itza!

I knew these were all signs pointing me towards my destiny.

I have read about how people who had past lives in these ancient civilisations are now coming back to earth to help raise humanity to the next level and save the planet from the destruction we’re causing. These are the Rainbow Warriors and it’s my purpose to find them and wake them up to the truth of who they are so they can do their bit, however small, in restoring the earth.

The thing is, Rainbow Warriors aren’t ‘warriors’ like we imagine, they don’t feel brave and courageous, in fact they are full of self-doubt and criticism, they don’t know who they really are and they are shit scared of speaking their truth for fear of being judged. They have felt different their whole lives but they don’t know why. They have this deep desire to make a difference in the world but their ego holds them back and they wonder ‘who am I?’.

The reason I call them Rebellious Souls is because in today’s society to be who you really are and stand out, when everyone else is trying to fit it, takes courage! It’s an act of Rebellion, when society says ‘you must conform’ or risk rejection and you say ‘screw that i’m doing it my way’ that takes guts! I have done it myself many times on many subjects, not loudly but quietly in my own unique way.

My point is, you have a choice whether or not you fulfil your destiny but if it’s calling you don’t ignore it.


Spend sometime reflecting on your past: Are you drawn to certain topics or time periods? What lights you up and what boils your blood? If this was your last day on earth what message would you like to share with the world?  if you take time to look back and connect the dots you can begin to find your purpose.

Or if you prefer the quicker route, I have a gift for putting together the pieces of your past so you can see how your future story unfolds, I can help you find your purpose because that’s what I’m here to do.

If you feel drawn to it you have until Friday to enrol in the Rebellious Soul program. It’s an investment, the cost reflects not just the enormity of the material already provided but my ongoing Intuitive support via monthly coaching as your journey unfolds. And of course having deep confidence in who you really are and why you are here is worth its weight in gold.

Discovering your purpose today doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job tomorrow and do something totally different. It all unfolds perfectly and you will be guided and supported all along the way, just like I was.

Take a look at the program here and it you would like to chat about it you can book a 15 minute connection call here

If you’re being called to something bigger please don’t ignore it, you don’t fit in because you were born to stand out, the time to change is now

Much love

Vicky x