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You’re here for a reason; your soul has a purpose.

For some that purpose may be epic; like global, world changing kind of epic and for others it maybe localised; like creating harmony in your home or change in your local community.  They’re both epic in their own right.

Deep down you know which one you are intended for.  Be honest with yourself, listen to the whispers of your soul then go do what you were born to do; go do epic shit!

3 steps to an epic 2016

Step 1 – Dare to Dream

Stop thinking small.  Start dreaming big.

What’s that one thing you’ve always dreamed of doing? If you don’t know yet it’s because you’ve never sat still enough to hear the whispers of your soul. You’ve bought into the illusions of the world; the lack, poverty and disease.  Yes these things are real in our world but only because we have allowed them to be through our fear thinking.  We can change it, all of it.

How do you change it?  By stepping up to your unique purpose, by doing what you long to do in your heart and by staring your fears straight in the face and saying ‘I can do it, watch me!’  The more people wake up to the truth of life, the more the world will change.  It doesn’t matter if your purpose is global, local or personal; if you change your world, you change the whole world.

You dare to dream by holding a vision in your mind of the life you want to create, this is the first step in the journey of creation; you’re planting the seed.

Step 2 – Surrender

Once you’ve dared to dream it’s time to surrender. 

We’re all so busy being busy that we don’t know how to relax any more.  Our bodies are sicker than ever before and our minds are stressed and depressed.

I’ve always believed I was destined for something big, but in my search for the answers in the outside world and in all my busyness, I neglected myself and failed to look in the most obvious place of all; inside myself.  I planted the seed for my dream life then pulled it from the earth and tried to direct it towards the sun, shouting ‘grow god damn it, why won’t you grow?!?’

Surrender is simple.  Plant the seed in your mind of what you wish to create.  Nurture it with belief, faith and expectancy and it will grow all of its own accord.  No plucking, pulling or prodding required.  The more you try to control the process the longer it will take.

How do I nurture the seed?  When doubt appears visualise your dream life in your mind and affirm that it’s already yours, feel it as if you’re already living that new reality now.  You’re the conscious creator of your own life; your thoughts become things. This isn’t spiritual ‘woo woo’ this is a scientific fact; it’s the power of your subconscious mind.

Step 3 – Take inspired action

Once you’ve surrendered, then, and only then, should you begin to take action but it must be inspired action.

What does inspired action look like?

It’s quiet and gentle, completely miss-able if you aren’t tuned in.  If you’re too stressed and busy to notice it will pass you by like a leaf blowing in the wind.  But, if you have belief, faith and expectancy, and you have built a solid foundation of self-care into your life, you’ll notice it loud and clear.  You’ll say ‘oh that’s a coincidence’ and you’ll follow the trail.  You won’t need to wait for the 3rd sign because you will have already picked up on the subtle shift in your energy on the first one, that little feeling that said ‘this means something’. You’ll over hear that snippet of conversation, you’ll go to that place that flashes in your mind even though you don’t know why you should, you follow the hunch, or you’ll write the blog based on 2 simple words that showed up 3 times in the same hour, like ‘epic shit’, that’s how I wrote this post.  I saw the sign and I followed it.  I was inspired to write this post.

You reap what you sow

You have the power within you to create an epic life, the power lies within your subconscious mind, you just have to plant the seed and let it grow, easily and effortlessly, with less doing and more being.

The seed makes its way to the surface even though it can’t see the light and your dreams will grow too, even though you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.  Follow the guidance you’re given with belief, faith and expectancy and you’ll live the epic life you’ve always dreamed of.

A powerful tool for success

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It’s proven that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them and I know first hand there is power in the words we write.  When we commit words to ink we are sending a powerful message to the subconscious mind; we’re saying I am committed to making this happen and this is where to ‘magic’ begins.

If you want to do epic shit in 2016 you need to know exactly what you want but most people don’t spend the necessary time getting crystal clear on their goals.  Those that do, succeed.

I have recently discovered a beautifully powerful tool that can really help you get clear on what you wish to achieve and that’s the incredible Shining Year Workbooks by Leonie Dawson.

leonie dawson workbooks, 2016, goals, review

I got my workbooks just a few weeks ago and I can honestly, hand on my heart, tell you that these are the most beautiful and powerful tool I have ever used.  I’m part way through my books (I personally got the Business Workbook and the Life Workbook) and I am already achieving my goals!  I could ramble on for pages about these books but I’ll give you just one example:

How I received high end coaching in less than 24 hours!

I have been in a Facebook group for several months with a high end coach who I would just LOVE to work with but, at present, her fees aren’t within my reach.

Last week whilst completing my Business Workbook there was a question which asked ‘Which mentor would you love to work with in 2016?’.  I wrote down the name of the coach and in my mind I stated ‘I accept this in my mind and so it is’.

The very next morning she posted in the group saying she had been guided in meditation for several weeks to offer a one off low cost group coaching program for women who wish to work with her in 2016 and was putting out the feelers to see if there was any interest!!!!!!  HOLY SHIT that was quick!  Needless to say I signed up and we start in January!!

This is how it works people, this stuff is real and trust me, I am not alone with this, over 200,000 women buy these books each year and I’m in a group with 1000’s of other women using these books, over the past few weeks I have read dozens of amazing stories of women achieving their goals and we’re still in 2015!

These books are a tool I will use forever more, I don’t know how I have lived so long without them.  You can check them out here and if you’re sceptical I understand, I was when I first saw them, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I swear these are amazing, they’re so beautiful, thorough and thought provoking, they are in-depth, spiritual but solid and real too.  Leonie is a multimillionaire business mentor who’s personality is infectious!  Watch her video and if you don’t instantly lover her, well then the books might not be for you either but if you do, seriously get them, oh and by the way you’re welcome (because I know you’ll want to thank me for introducing them to you!).

I have set myself up as an affiliate for the Workbooks so if you do purchase from this link I’ll earn a percentage, that’s not why I am promoting them (this is the first affiliate program I have ever joined), I am telling you about them because I believe they have real beauty and power and they will help you do epic shit in 2016!  I am telling you about them because quite frankly it would be rude of me not too!!

Check out the fabulous Shining Year Workbooks here

This is my final post of 2015, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and I really hope that 2016 is an epic year for you.  I have some really amazing things planned for 2016 to help you make it your best year yet so if you aren’t already on my email list hop on below and I look forward to connecting with you in 2016!

With love and epic shit like that

Vicky xx