Your soul has a purpose; a unique gift that you need to share with the world and I would like to help you find it if you haven’t already.

We each bring with us special gifts and talents and it is these that point us in the direction of our purpose.  When you have found your purpose you know its what your meant to do because its effortless for you, it makes your heart sing and everything else around you begins to fall into place, just as it has for me since I posted my first blog just one week ago.

So, let me ask you; what are your unique gifts and talents?  Come on, don’t get all shy on me now, be honest, what are you good at?  If your a perfectionist like me you might not actually think you are good at it because you’ve set yourself to high a pedestel, so what is it your friends and family say you are good at?  If you don’t know, ask them!

For me I love to teach, I love sharing information with people and people have always said im good at it.  I also love to read and write so, although I denied it for years and years, its quite obvious that my purpose is to use those given gifts and passions to share what I have learnt with the world.  Its been almost 10 years since I first discovered my purpose but I just kept telling myself I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t good enough and no one would read it and i’ll be totally honest, I was scared to share my true feelings about how I view the world because people would think I was crazy, they would judge me, but worst of all they wouldn’t like me or accept me.  I’m a highly sensitive soul with a huge desire to be accepted, to keep the peace and to please people, often at the expense of myself.  I don’t know exactly whats caused the shift, I suspect a few things, I am still that sensitive soul but I am also strong, determined and so ready to live the life of my dreams that I am no longer prepared to let me or anyone else hold me back. Yeah its nice to be accepted but what i’ve found is even nicer is to take off the mask and be the real you!  This past week I have slept better, I have felt better, I’ve been buzzing with excitement to write again and I have loved each and every one of the positive and encouraging comments I’ve received.  Things are finally falling into place.

So ignore that little voice in your head that says you can’t, tell your inner critic to step aside, thank them for looking out for you, after all thats what its doing, its the egos way of protecting you from getting hurt, from bearing your heart and soul and being rejected.  Its no longer time to survive, its time to thrive!

Allow all those inauthentic parts of yourself to fall away and with it those people who aren’t in true alignment with who you really are.  Its scary I know, it may take time but just don’t take to long about it, theres a whole new amazing world for you to live in.  A life full of purpose and passion, where you use your god given gifts and talents to make the world a better place just by being you. 

Spend sometime today, right now even, thinking about your passions, your gifts and talents.  What is it you are curious about? is there something you have always wanted to try but ‘never have the time’? Just do it, take the first step! Your gifts and talents, the things you are curious about, the little ‘conincidences’ that happen in your life, these are the clues for your soul, follow these breadcrumbs and they will lead you home x

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With love and gratitude,

Vicky x



photo credit: freddie boy via photopin cc