goal setting

There are 2 questions I always ask my clients and so far non of them have known the answer.

I ask them, who are you? and what do you want?

Today I would like to focus on the latter question, what do you want in life? Most people don’t know, they’re so busy just getting through the day that they don’t have time to think about tomorrow let alone 3 years, 5 years or 10 years time.  That’s never been my problem, I’ve always been future focused, my problem was learning to stop living in the future and being present in the now.  Thankfully I’ve found the balance and now help others do the same.

When we get present and look at out life with honesty, and without judgement, we often find it isn’t going quite the way we want it to, yeah you might be happy plodding along but you’re capable of soooo much more and it’s this true potential I like to unleash in my clients.

As a visionary I can see the potential in others and I hold that vision for them while they begin to believe in themselves.

The first step to finding and fulfilling that potential is to know what we want in life. I mean what we really want.

It’s easy to find yourself living someone else’s dream.  You might have been steered towards a certain career path because of your family or culture, or find yourself stuck in a job you hate because of commitments, especially the one I hear most, money.

Life is too short to be doing something half hearted.  It’s time to make changes and start steering yourself in the direction you want to go.

To help you I like to offer some guidance on setting goals to help you live on purpose and because I like numbered list’s i’m going to break it down into 3 steps for you:

  1. Clarity

You have to get crystal clear on what you want, this starts with reflecting on your life in each of the main areas (career, relationships, health, money, social) and being honest about what is and isn’t working.  You then have to decide what you would like love in each of these areas.

This is where most people fail, they don’t dream big enough and so aren’t motivated to work towards their goal.  Your goal needs to excite and stretch you.  We only grow outside of our comfort zone.

When talking with clients and friends about what they want before they even begin to dream they put an obstacle in the way, usually it’s one word, money.  And as my favourite Henry Ford quote states “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.  So for the purpose of your goal setting imagine that money, or any other block you may have, is not an issue and allow yourself to set goals that right now seem unattainable.

Now I know the SMART goals formula tells you to set attainable goals and I agree (kind of), it should be attainable but that doesn’t mean easy, your goal should, quite frankly, scare-the-shit-out-of-you, it should frighten and excite you in equal measure.  That’s when you know you’ve set a goal worth working towards.

So spend some time getting crystal clear on what you really really want and then follow step 2…

2.  Commit

Commit to making it happen!!  If you have a desire then you also have what it takes to make that desire a reality but you have to commit.

The best and easiest way to commit to making your goal happen is to write it down.  I know it’s sounds too simple right? most people are so busy making their lives complicated that they miss the easy stuff.  But when you write down your goal you make it tangible and you also show the universe that you’re committed, when your energy is ‘all in’ you have fully committed yourself and the universe will respond equally.

Another great way is to tell someone close, this holds you accountable.  Just make sure you tell someone who you trust and who won’t throw limitations in your way, choose someone who is on the same page and supportive of your dreams.

By the way you have to be specific i.e. Don’t write ‘Increase my income’, be really specific about what you want and set a time frame for achieving it.  So a good goal would be – I will double my salary/income by 31st December 2023.

Once you know what you want and you’ve written it down in a specific and measurable way it’s time for step 3…

2.  Consistency

Step 3 involves being consistent and taking daily action steps towards your goals.  For larger goals it’s best to break them down into small achievable goals or tasks.  For example, I have a life goal of becoming a number one best selling author, but before I write a book I need to be known in my industry and hone my writing skills, so I have smaller goals such as publish a magazine article, build my email list to 5k, speak at at least 3 events per year etc

Writing a book is a long term goal but the smaller tasks that will lead me towards that get broken down into my monthly and yearly goals. So don’t be afraid to set big goals that will take several years to achieve, we over estimate what we can achieve in one year and under estimate what we can achieve in three.

Once you know what you want you need to take daily action no matter how small.  There maybe 1100 steps between you and your goal but if you take one small step per day you’ll have achieve it in three years.  If you take non you will never get there.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about a longer term goal, what I do, and what I recommend to my clients, is I get quiet for a while, I focus on my goal and then I ask myself ‘what is my part in this today?’ and then I follow whatever inspired action comes to mind.

Learning to trust your intuition is a powerful part of the process and this little technique will help you.

If you would like to set some goals for 2018 and beyond I’m running an online training course that can help you.  It starts on Wednesday 24th January and will be delivered via live video training, you can get all the details you need here

You only get one shot at this life, so if you have goals and dreams you want to make happen please join me on the Goal Getter training, it will help you get focused, set powerful goals and provide you with an amazing daily tool to help bring your goal to you!

With love

Vicky x