Do you have clearly defined goals for your future and a plan to achieve them? If not you’re not alone, and I would like to offer some advice on how to tap into what it is you really want.

Most people know what they don’t want and this is good because when we know what we want to move away from it motivates us.  The draining job motivates us to look for something else, the mounting debt makes us seek financial advice or the ongoing fatigue motivates us to book a doctors appointment.

So knowing what you don’t want is good for motivation but, what is even more important, is knowing what you DO want, when you have a vision to move towards it inspires you, and inspiration is way more powerful than motivation!

What I recommend is looking at each life area (click here ​to download my Wheel of Life Balance sheet to help you) and making a list of what you no longer want in each area, then on the opposite side of the page flip that scenario around to what you DO want.  Here’s a couple of examples:


– I don’t want to work full time                      – I want work that fits around my family

– I don’t just want a ‘job’                                – I want work that’s meaningful


– I’m sick of being skint                                  – I want to earn at least X amount per month


​- I’m sick of being so exhausted                    – I want to feel energised

Once you have a list of what you DO want, write down at least 2 action steps you can take towards that goal, but don’t expect to do all of them at once!  Pick the area you’re out of balance the most (the wheel of life balance sheet will help with this) and start there, then each week just make one small adjustment in each area.  From tiny acorns and all that….

So for example, you might want to feel more energised so you decide to tweak your diet, what most people do is go on an all out deprivation diet and then ‘quit’, DON’T DO THAT. Just start small, perhaps you choose a more satisfying breakfast so you aren’t crashing mid morning or early afternoon due to blood sugar crashes.  Just by changing your breakfast you have changed 33% of your daily diet!  Keep at this until you have created a new habit of eating a healthier breakfast and when you feel ready start a new step, just don’t rush in and do everything at once, as an ‘all or nothing’ person I have really had to work on finding balance and avoiding my natural tendency to dive right in and get obsessive!

Once you have an idea of what you want in each area, and have a few action steps to make it happen, you can start making and seeing changes but there is something I must add here, when setting your goals think BIG. It’s ok to have short term goals to motivate you away from where you are but if your goals aren’t big and shit-scary then you aren’t going to be inspired and motivated towards them.

You can be, do and have anything your heart desires, you just have to ask for it, believe in yourself then go make it happen! Believe me, I am now living some of those big-shit-scary goals that just a few years ago I had no idea where to start, but I knew I wanted it!.

If you have a big vision for your future, even if you have absolutely no idea how to achieve it, then I can help you.  See, that vision of ‘yours’ isn’t really your vision, its the Universe’s vision, the Universe wants you to achieve it more than you want to achieve it! 

And what you need when you can’t hold the vision for yourself is to find someone who can hold that vision for you. Someone who believes in you and will hold you accountable, that’s what I do for my clients because I can see their potential long before they can. 

In module 4 of the Rebellious Soul Program I get you to ‘Dare to Dream’.  I help you create that big vision for your future, one that excites and terrifies you in equal measure, and then using the phenomenal Time Line Therapy™​ technique I implant that vision in your subconscious mind so it’s achievement is guaranteed!

“My confidence in my life’s purpose has come about because Vicky has helped me to define it; to really dream big, I thought I was, but then through the course’s visualisations and tools in listening to myself, I blew my dream out of the water with a bigger one!!” Jaclyn 

Your mind is your most powerful tool, it listens to your every word and complies.  And through the power of visualisation you can literally create anything you can imagination.  If it’s good enough for Olympic Athletes and NASA Astronauts then it’s good enough for us!

If you want to create a vision for your future and have the tools and confidence to work towards it, take a look at the Rebellious Soul Program here, enrolment closes tomorrow, Friday 23rd March.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” Henry Ford

I wish you everything that you wish for yourself

With Love

Vicky x