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Dear Reader,

For more than 10 years now I have been writing to you. every. single. day.  It is my dream to write!

I have spent the last decade reading everything I can on spiritual and personal development and I have been longing to share this information with you.  When I read about the soul, how the universe works and how to live your purpose, I come alive.  I get absorbed in the words, my mind sparks and my soul literally feels nourised.  My inner author comes alive.  I’ve been writing to you for years, i’ve just never put it down into words.  It is this sharing of knowledge that is my true nourishment, my purpose.

So, what has held me back?  probably the same things that are holding you back from doing what you really want to do, confidence, self-worth, time, energy, money.  I’ve decided that these things will no longer hold me back.  It’s time to write.  it’s time to follow my inner guidance, that voice that has been shouting at me for years and years.  I’ve shared with you so much over the years but its all been in my head, now its time to let you read what I have to say.

As a soul you are here for a purpose.  Perhaps you feel it?  You have a burning passion but don’t know how to use it so that you are living a life full of purpose and joy AND paying the bills or perhaps you don’t yet know what that purpose is because you have never dared allow yourself to dream.  Allow me to help you please.

Let me ask you one simple little question; what nourishes you?

If you could spend all day every day doing just one thing what would it be?  THIS is your purpose, this is what you were born to do.  When I was asked this question do you know what the answer was, it was to read.  I could quite literally spend each and every day of my life reading, not just any old book, something full of soul and purpose, books that inspire, books that allow your to grow as a person, books that offer hope of ‘more to life’ and books that make you want to jump off your ass and go get that life of your dreams!  Then when i’ve read these books I want to go and tell everyone I meet about them, and I have been for years, i’ve been helping and guiding you with the tools i’ve discovered, only I never dared put the voice in my head onto paper but becoming a mother has changed that.  It has made me want those dreams even more, not just for myself but for my children.  I want them to live the passion filled life that I dream of and I know that for them to do that I have to be the shining example they aspire to be like.  It’s not selfish as a mother to have a dream, its your purpose to make that dream come true so that you can teach and inspire your children to live their dreams too.

I have no idea if anyone will ever read this let alone be inspired by it but here’s the thing, if I don’t put these words down on paper I think my head might just explode with this never ending record going round and round inside!  I have given myself every excuse in the book not to write but now i’m putting my head on the block, my heart on the line and i’m finally telling my inner critic to SHUT UP!

I have a dream, and just like I mother my children, knowing they take time to learn and grow, knowing they need nurturing to learn new skills and just like I teach them that it takes practice and patience to get it right, i’m now doing the same to myself; i’m mothering my dream.  Its my hope that I can inspire you to do the same.  One step at a time.

I have no idea where this will end, as I write in this moment I have no blog, no website, no funds to start one, I have only the pen in my hand and the notebook on my lap but i’m taking the first step to making a dream come true.  If you would like to see how my story ends please come along for the journey and who knows maybe together we can find our happily ever after.

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with love

Vicky x

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