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I am so grateful for this moment!


“Mam, what’s does attitude mean?” my 5 year old daughter asked completely out of the blue

“Your attitude is….” I paused trying to use words she would understand and not use the word attitude to explain it!  “…how you think about things and it affects everything.  If you think about the rain…” I continued with an example of someone reacting negatively and positively to the rain and how that might affect their day.

A few hours later she shouts “Look mammy it’s raining but its OK because all the plants will be getting a drink and we might see a beautiful rainbow”.

“Well done darling that’s a beautiful positive attitude you have” I said as I kissed her on the head.

We both learnt a lesson that day, after all children are our greatest teachers.

It’s the little things

I’ve recently enrolled on the Abundant Mama Project which is an online program designed to help you ‘pay attention to the little details of your life and focus on what matters so you can be a peaceful, playful and present mama’ but after the first week I’ll be honest it wasn’t what I was expecting and I was disappointed.  I tried to continue but it was bringing up some strange negative emotions in me which, given that it was supposed to make me feel more abundant and peaceful wasn’t good, so I took a step back from it, however it continued to play on my mind.

It was only when my daughter asked me about attitude that I began to realise I had been resisting abundance and my resistance was showing up in my attitude towards the course; ‘it’s crap’ ‘’it’s not worth the money’ ‘what a waste of time’, as long as I believed those things I wouldn’t delve into the course further or put any of the tools into practice (the main one being gratitude), and then I would be able to stay stuck exactly where I am, exactly where my ego wants me to be! (for more on the ego and it’s attempts to sabotage your success read dear ego back off).

Always go with resistance

If you have ever attended one of my Daisy Baby™ yoga classes then you will have heard me say many times “never go against resistance” but that is the only time you will hear me say it because the truth is you should always go with resistance.  I know this all to well and I’ve mentioned it before but resistance is sneaky, it disguises itself as many things; procrastination; illness; over eating, you name it, it has many masks but under them all is fear.  Fear of not achieving whatever it is that you want and fear of achieving exactly what it is that you want.

I realised I was resisting the course and had a negative attitude towards it so I pondered this for a few days.  Why was I resisting abundance and gratitude? The answer: because they will lead me to exactly where I want to be, it’s an attitude of gratitude for the little things in life that will bring me those bigger things I wish to create.  When we are grateful for what we have, even the smallest of things, we create energy of gratitude around us and that energy attracts more things to be grateful for, simple isn’t it?  Well it is if you can get over that big brick wall of resistance!

Just last night I began reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, I’m only 81 pages in but OMG you need this book!  It sums up beautifully everything I have been going through this past couple of weeks with resistance (and my whole life to be fair), the whole book is about resistance and overcoming it, I didn’t know that when I ordered it but it has popped into my awareness several times so I knew I had to get it and as always it arrived precisely when I needed it! (Remember to follow the signs).

How do you get over resistance? You need to learn to recognise when you are resisting things.  You accept that the resistance is just fear disguising itself so that you can rationalise it ‘I can’t work on my course today I’m ill and my body needs rest’, I have never been so ill since I started creating my online course, just yesterday my husband said ‘I think you need a multi vitamin I’ve never known you be so ill’.  I was just reading Pressfield’s book at the time and his words hit me like a brick: RESISTANCE!  Anyway, I’m getting side tracked but I’m passionate about this and as I work through my own resistance I’ll come back and share more, in the meantime get the book!

An attitude of gratitude

Since adopting an attitude of gratitude this past week I have noticed a difference in my energy and outlook and you will too.  Gratitude is a powerful force for good in your life.  Here’s how to get started:

  • Start noticing the smaller things in life and express gratitude for them. Example – in those (rare) moments when the kids are playing happily instead of slipping off to wash up or complete something else on the to-do list, just sit for a moment and watch and in your mind express gratitude for that moment, do this in whatever way feels right for you, for me it maybe saying something like ‘flipping heck I really am the luckiest woman alive!! I’m so grateful for my beautiful girls and this quiet moment just to watch them play’.
  • When you’re going about your every tasks notice things you wouldn’t normally notice, feel the breeze, see the flowers, listen to the sounds around you, take it in and be grateful for it. Example – on our walk home from school this week my little one wanted to play with the blossom flowers, now some days it’s easy to say ‘no we don’t have time come on hurry up’ but it’s precisely these little moments that create beautiful memories in your mind if only you slow down enough to notice them.  We stopped for a few moments and I watched her play so happily and freely and in that moment I stood and said thank you and expressed my gratitude  for being able to take her to school and pick her up each and every day.  I love the warmth of her hand when she instinctively finds mine as we cross the road and the way she shouts ‘hi’ to all of her friends, addressing them by their full name, and they squeal with excitement like they haven’t seen each other in weeks yet they’ve just spent the whole day together! These are the little things, the little things that could so easily be missed and took for granted.
  • Create a gratitude Journal.  Each morning wake up and let your first thoughts be ones of gratitude, this one might be the hardest of all! As the beep beep beep of the alarm goes off and you tot up in your mind how many hours of sleep you got you might not want to get up let alone be grateful for it but don’t let that resistance stop you!  In your mind think of 3 things you are grateful for and even better spare a few moments to write them down in a gratitude journal.  Example – I am so grateful I have this beautiful comfy bed to sleep in each night and a roof over my head, and although I don’t really want to drag myself out of bed I realise how lucky I am to have a …[fill in blank] (job to go to, amazing family to provide for, loving husband/child/cat/dog beside me).  It can be hard in the beginning but it gets easier and once it becomes a habit you have cracked it!

There are lots of other things I could share but I’m trying (miserably) to keep my posts shorter so I have decided to create a 7 day gratitude challenge for those that are ready to jump on board and begin expressing more gratitude in their lives and reap the amazing benefits it brings.  Are you ready to feel more centred and calm and to start attracting even more things to be grateful for? If so then join my closed Facebook group here and on Monday 18th May our 7 day gratitude challenge will begin!  All you need is a notebook (anyone will do), pen and an open mind.

Your attitude to life is everything; if you live with a grateful heart you will have many more things to be grateful for.  Are you resisting joining the challenge?  Recognise that as the fear it is, fear that if you do this then things will change, and they will but only for the better!  Show resistance whose boss and join the Facebook group here, it will cost you nothing but a little bit of thought and time.

It’s time to adopt an attitude of gratitude!  Who’s with me?

With love and gratitude

Vicky xx

P.S.  I have been blogging every week for just over a year now until recently where I have slipped to every few weeks or so, this, Pressfield explains, is resistance at its best!  Most people quit right at the finish line, well I’d like to say resistance ‘kiss my ass’ I am not afraid of you or my fears any more and I will cross that line, in fact I am extremely grateful to you resistance because you have taught me many things.  Ha how’s that for gratitude!

P.P.S.  I still haven’t finished the Abundant Mama course but as I mentioned in this post Let me finish please that’s not always necessary, I’ve learnt the lesson that I needed and I would recommend the course to anyone!