mindfulness, distraction, connection, awareness,Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word these days and with good reason.  With so much technology and social media platforms available people have never been more distracted.

Whilst social media platforms like Facebook have, in many ways, brought people together, they’ve also created rifts.  It’s possible to feel lonely in a room full of people.  People are too busy scrolling through social media to look up and connect with the people right in front of them.  I’ve even see it with couples in restaurants. And if you have access to work emails on your phone it can become almost impossible to switch off.  But all this distraction comes at a cost, not just the connection with the ones we love but to our health and self-esteem too.

This whole filtered-selfie obsession worries me. And the never-ending comparison that inevitably happens when you scroll social media and see everyone’s ‘best bits’.  The truth is what’s posted on social media is never a true picture of what’s happening in someone’s life and the more we focus on it, and not the people right in front of us, the more stressed, self-conscious, and less connected we become.

And it’s not just social media and technology to blame, even without these distractions we are often so mentally distracted that although we may be there in body we are not it mind.  Have you ever played a game with the kids but mentally your emailing or going over your to-do list in your head? Kids sense this and we owe it to them to be fully present, at least some of the time!

The trouble with all this distraction is we are missing out on huge chunks of our life.  Life is only ever happening right here and now in this moment.

Ok so enough about the problem, what can we do to solve it?

This is where your awareness comes into it and learning to be more mindful.  I’m not talking about some surreal Mary Poppins style perfectionism where we’re all rainbows and fairy dust, I’m an idealist but also a realist.  It’s about bringing your awareness to the present moment as much as you can as often as you can.  It’s perfectly ok to retreat to social media when you just need to switch off for a minute but for many right now the balance is out.

To help I have set-up a ‘5 Mindful Days’ Challenge to help you focus on a different area each day.

Every day, for 5 days, you’ll get an email in the morning with your ‘challenge’, don’t worry I know your busy so this will be quick but highly effective!  The topics will include:

  • Becoming mindful of your self-talk
  • An awareness of your guilt-meter and why it’s so important to let this go!
  • Learning to become more present and less distracted
  • One very important word you need to add to your vocublary
  • Putting it into practice through awareness and choice

If you’d like to become more present and less distracted and just quite possibly boost your self-esteem, then please sign up to the 5 Mindful Days Challenge below, we begin on Friday 3rd March.

With love

Vicky x