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As I climbed into bed for a cuddle with my daughter I asked her how she’s finding being back at school. She told me about a blue mark the teacher had made on her work which she was adamant she’d got right, “I’m just so worried I make a mistake” she said.  She’s 6.

“Why are you afraid to make a mistake” I asked “I make mistakes all the time and I think its good”.

She was surprised to learn that adults make mistakes.  It’s no wonder us grown ups have a hard time admitting we made one, or worse, avoid making them altogether, when we spend our entire life worrying about making them.

“Do you know why I think it’s good to make mistakes?” I continued “because that’s how I learn to do it right.  Every time I get it wrong I realise that’s not the right way and I learn something new and try again”.

I could feel the relief and pressure ease from her little body.

Now when we practise her spellings each night we embrace her ‘mistakes’ and her confidence has grown.

Just a matter of days after our conversation I was talking with a friend and she commented on how brave she thought I was to write and share my thoughts and feelings so openly.  She realised she holds herself back because she’s afraid to say something that can’t be taken back, something she might regret or change her mind on later.  She was afraid to make a mistake.

When we’re afraid to make a mistake we are also afraid to take opportunities and to speak our truth and be authentic.

We hold ourselves back in so many ways.

Are you afraid to make a mistake? Do you speak up and share your thoughts and feelings freely or do you hold back for fear of saying the wrong thing and offending someone?

I know how that feels.  I spent the first 34 years of my life living that way but now I know who I am, I’m true to myself and I know my opinion matters, of course not everyone agrees with it and that’s fine, that’s what makes the world such a beautiful diverse place to be.

Don’t spend your life being afraid to make a mistake.  Seize opportunities and speak your truth even if your voice shakes and your knees knock, the world needs you to bring all of YOU to the table!

With love

Vicky x

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