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Wow, I have just got back from the North East BizMums meeting with guest speaker Julie Feuerborn, a personal money coach.  My planned Blog for today has gone out of the window because I just feel totally inspired to share this with you!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the meeting, I had thought she might talk about investing money in the stock market or different savings accounts, but when she said ‘we are going to talk about money and your feelings towards it’ I sat back and relaxed, she was talking my language and I knew I was going to love what she had to say and she didn’t disappoint.  I’ve left on a high feeling all empowered to get my money shit together!

The Ostrich effect

I’ve spent my whole life with my head buried in the sand trying to ignore my money problems, deluding myself that I was in control when really they’ve been controlling me.  I’ve been working on my money beliefs for a few months now and I’m starting to feel a shift in my energy and relationship to money and I feel like today has catapulted me to the next level.

I’ve been learning from some of the best teachers on abundance these past few months and to fully integrate my learning into my life it helps me to write about it and teach what I have learned so far to others, which is why I’m offering a free 5 day Money Magic challenge.

The magic is taking the physical tools I have learnt and blending them with the spiritual principles I know to be true about money.  The challenge is keeping up the new habits long enough that they become a part of my life and I don’t slip back into old limited ways of thinking about, and dealing with, money.

If you’re ready to discover your money story and release those limiting beliefs that are holding you back towards attracting more money into your life then sign up for the challenge and together we will weave some money magic! (The signup form is at the end of this post).

Crystal clear intentions

Just to make things crystal clear in this challenge I will not be offering financial advice in any way shape or form, we will be looking into your money story to see how it holds you back and exploring ways of changing those limiting beliefs.  I will be discussing spiritual principles that I have dedicated my life to learning, so whilst I’m no money expert, I do consider myself an expert in the realms of spiritual principles and practices and its these that I am bringing to the table, so if you would like to join in sign up below, we start Monday 7th of December.

Isn’t it wrong to want more money?

Ah I can hear the nah sayers minds ticking; isn’t it wrong to want more money?  Isn’t it materialistic?

In a word: NO.

We have been so (negatively) programmed towards money.  This is a material world and money is our energy exchange.  We’ve been programmed to think its wrong to want more money when there are people in the world with a lot less than us, (you’ve heard me talk many times about gratitude) however how can you help anyone without the necessary means to do so? This, in most cases, is through the exchange of money.  You can’t help anyone else unless you have a stable and secure grounding yourself.  Just because someone else has less it doesn’t mean you can’t want more.  I personally know I will be able to make a much bigger contribution to the world when I’m financially secure myself.

Those people who tout that it’s wrong to desire more money haven’t yet discovered the true meaning of abundance and that its everyone’s birth right to be so.  I’m not talking about becoming a millionaire (unless that’s your desire), I’m talking about attracting the level of abundance that will bring you the comfort and security you deserve and desire.  So if you’re feeling any guilt about wanting to attract more money hop on board and release it.  This challenge might not bring you more money but it might help you realise that you already have everything you need, you just need to change a few unhealthy habits you have with money.

With love, gratitude and abundance

Vicky xx

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