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Crazy stupid brilliant!

It’s just energy

I’ve never understood why money is such a taboo subject; it’s just a form of energy exchange. I teach classes on active birth and mums pay me for my time and knowledge, my hairdresser cuts my hair and I pay her for her time and skill, I eat lunch at the pub and I pay them for their service. We are all just buying each other’s time and sharing our skills so why are people so reluctant to talk about how much they earn or how much they spend and why (in many cases) is money the one thing that a husband and wife don’t share? I have always been completely open and honest about money, how much or little I earn, what things cost, how much I have in the bank or as has previously been the case how overdrawn I am but most people guard their financial situation like it’s a dirty secret, like sharing that inside information is somehow forbidden but as long as we see money as a taboo subject then we are keeping it from us. If we feel like we can’t or shouldn’t talk about money then on a subconscious level we are saying that money is bad, it’s wrong to have too much of it, talk about it or want more of it and that’s crazy!

Man created money as an energy exchange for goods and services but as the wealth gap grew we started to develop all kinds of limiting beliefs about money; ‘money is the root of all evil’, we describe rich people as ‘fat cats’ and we feel guilty for wanting more of it in our lives because we think that us having more means someone else will have less but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

When I got the nudge to write this post I thought – seriously, me? I am not exactly well qualified in the field of wealth creation (yet!), last month I went over my overdraft limit but bare with me because I know that the universe wouldn’t ask me to write about a problem if it wasn’t just about to show me the solution so keep going because this post ends well but before I continue I would like to offer an apology to my regular readers for not posting the past 2 weeks, this one has took quite some time but its hopefully worth the wait.

Back to the beginning

7 years ago I discovered the law of attraction (LOA), if you’re not yet familiar with it I’ll some it up in a few words – your thoughts create your reality. Now if this is the first you’ve heard of the LOA I understand that’s a hell of a big statement in just 5 little words and I’m not going to expand on it here because if you wish to you can buy any of the thousands and thousands of books written about it, however what I will say is this, I have spent the past 7 years studying it, writing about it, thinking about it, learning from it and manifesting some pretty amazing things with it but when it came to money I was stuck and this week I came full circle, this week I have been brought right back to the beginning. The LOA is simple, it’s straight forward but we over complicate it, we over think it, we worry about it and in turn we create the opposite of what we want, which is why many people, myself included, give up after a few days of positive thinking because we expect immediate results and when we don’t get them we spit out our dummy in a grand tantrum to the universe. The truth is our thoughts create our reality BUT we can’t think our way to what we want and that’s what most people try and do, we have to feel our way! It’s all about the emotion; emotion is energy in motion. Your mind is the most powerful tool you will ever possess but we haven’t been taught how to use it correctly, we have all been taught to focus on using the left, logical side of the brain and not our right creative, intuitive side – this is where the magic happens!

Crazy Stupid Brilliant

Ok so if I haven’t already lost you and you don’t yet think I’m crazy get comfortable because if you want to create more money in your life I am about to tell you how. We know everything in the universe is energy, we believe it because it’s scientifically proven but did you know it’s also proven that your thoughts are energy too? It’s why in medical placebo trials patients given a placebo treatment experience up to a 40% rate of cure, it’s why fake surgeries have healed people, and often to a greater extent than the real surgery, because those who had them believed they would work and when you believe something your energy vibrates at that frequency and when you vibrate at a certain frequency you attract that same frequency to you, that’s the basis of the LOA. It’s crazy and it may sound stupid but trust me its bloody brilliant! You just have to change your energy and you will change your world and that is where we begin to struggle because your current reality has been created by all your past thoughts and your current ones, they have built up so much momentum and form your current beliefs. Sometimes the thoughts are swirling around your mind without you even realising it, it’s hard to switch off the mind because it runs on auto pilot but we can do it, we just need to change the pilot. We need to stop letting the conscious logical mind fly our ship and start working from the subconscious creative mind and this can be done in meditation and in as little as 15 minutes a day….wait I hear you, I can’t meditate! Trust me I have found the solution for you.

As I mentioned I’ve come back to the beginning and here is how; the first book I read about the LOA was called Ask and You Shall Receive by Jerry and Esther Hicks, every part of the book resonated with me, I took what I had learnt and ‘tried’ to but it into practice and that’s where I failed. You can’t ‘try’ with the LOA, the harder you try the more you will fail, I told you it’s so simple but we complicate it by trying to hard instead of allowing it to be. We have to feel not think but when your current ‘reality’ is one of lack of money it can be pretty hard to feel wealthy and especially to feel that way long enough to see the fruits of your labour which is why I’m so excited to share this amazing tool with you.

This week I found the solution; a guided mediation by Abraham Hicks (listen to it here for free on you tube ) this meditation does all the work for you, it’s so beautifully powerful you are going to love it. If you want to create more financial abundance in your life make a commitment to yourself right here and now to listen to this 15 minute meditation every day and come back to me in one months’ time to tell me how you feel, not that it will take that long, I felt the shift in just 1 session and have listened to it for 4 days now and can feel my energy changing around money, every day bit by bit my resistance lowers and my allowance increases and I am now starting to feel it and I know everything I have ever asked for is waiting for me to receive it, I am so excited! I am so excited for you too, this tool is powerful, please don’t dismiss it and spend the next 7 years going around in the same circle (unless financially you are perfectly happy in that circle) make a commitment to yourself because you deserve financial abundance, we all do.

Change your mind

When the hamster in your head starts jumping back on that negative thought treadmill I highly recommend you use Abraham Hick’s 17 second rule; watch here for more details this has been a highly powerful tool for me, not just in terms of money. I’m a huge over thinker, I over analyse things, I get drawn into my own thoughts and they go round and round my mind to the point of exhaustion and this simple tool has been amazing. The past few days after discovering this and doing the meditations I have totally changed, I feel calmer, more peaceful, I have a sense of anticipation like something awesome is about to happen and I have control over those run away thoughts and the only thing I have done is change my mind!

Please don’t dismiss these tools, if you don’t have time now commit to coming back later and watching the video and doing the meditation, it might sound crazy it might sound stupid but it’s brilliant, really bloody brilliant and it will change your financial situation forever. You can listen to them on you tube or download the MP3 files which contains 4 meditations for less than $15 they are available here:
(just to make it clear I am by no means affiliated with Abraham Hicks, I don’t receive a penny for referring you I just know that these tools will change your world in so many ways and it would be rude of me not to share them!)

If you want things to change you need to do something different, life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be; listen to the meditation, allow yourself 15 minutes of peace and calm each day and watch as your thoughts begin to change, you will feel it. Keep going, don’t quit before the miracle occurs, even if the only time you get to yourself is as you climb into bed at night that’s fine, listen to it then but please do and then please come back here and share your results, let me know how you feel, crazy, stupid, or brilliant? I know which one I feel!

It’s time to break the taboo, it’s time to step into financial abundance and share it with the world. The more you have the more you can give this is the true meaning of abundance. It’s time to see money for what it really is and to allow it to flow freely to you and this can be done all from the peace of your own mind and by taking the inspired action that follows. If you think I’m crazy that’s ok I can live with that but give it a shot, what have you got to lose?

With love and prosperity

Vicky x

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