School Shut Down Survival Skills


With Schools closed around the world and stress levels rising, this could be a difficult time for many. As a Conscious Parenting Coach I wanted to offer the most effective tools to help parents navigate this uncertain time, to reduce meltdowns and sibling rivalry and to use this time to build a deeper connection with their child, see below for further details.

7 Sanity Savers – How To Thrive During Isolation

With School shutdowns now confirmed in the UK, and no definite return date, I know some mums are worried about how they’ll ‘survive’ being cooped up for so long, especially if we go into a lock down, which looking at the rest of the world, seems imminent, so I want to offer 7 sanity savers to help make this a great time to remember with your kids.

We know when kids are stuck in for too long they can get bored and cranky, sibling rivalry can escalate and if parents are stressed and worried then tempers are shorter.  This could either be a really stressful time or a really great opportunity to connect and slow down, so I want to share some tools than can really help you create some calm in your home amongst all the chaos.

We have never experienced something of this scale in our time, this is an opportunity to teach our children how to cope in real world situations, they will be watching us! (no pressure, lol)

In this shutdown survival skills training I’ll share 7 tops tips, including:

      • The most important thing you can do NOW to make things easier and reduce stress levels
      • The number one tool which will help reduce sibling rivalry AND meltdowns making isolation a lot calmer for everyone!
      • The magic word than can reduce back chat and power struggles and stop you feeling like a nagging fishwife
      • And how to Increase connection with your child, actually enjoy this time of isolation and stay sane

I’ve been implementing these tools in my home for months now and I can tell you they make a huge positive difference and they are needed now more than ever, and not just because of forced isolation, but because families are becoming more disconnected in general.

The pace of modern life is speeding up, a silver lining of the current world situation is that it’s forcing us all to slow down, so lets use this time intentionally to make some really positive changes in our homes, the tools I’m sharing will help create a calmer, more peaceful home and you’ll develop a deeper connection with your child. You might still be sighing with relief when the school gates reopen but you, and your child, will remember this as a great time and the tools will change your family for the better.

The tools will be delivered via video training, you’ll also receive a PDF printable for quick reference and access to a private Facebook group if you would like to connect with other mums during isolation and share your experience or ask any questions about the content.

You can sign up on the payment button at the top of this page and everything will be emailed to you once complete, the training will be delivered Live in the Facebook group (please look for the link to join after purchase) on Monday 23rd March, if you join after this date everything will be emailed to you straight away.

With love

Vicky x


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