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I know you want to be accepted for who you really are, you want to feel confident just being you and stop overthinking everything you say and worrying about what other people think. 

You want to be more present with your loved ones and feel deeply connected to your partner, to be truly content and happy with your life and feel like you have it all under control, whilst being a little less controlling.

And you want crystal-clear clarity on why you are here, so you have a sense of purpose and feel deeply fulfilled, whilst making a difference in the world and living the life of your dreams.

The trouble is you just don’t know where to start!


You feel stuck and lost, perhaps you’re a mum who has so many balls to juggle, and so little time, that you never get a minute to think about yourself or your dreams.

Or maybe you’ve lost sight of who you really are and no matter what you do you just don’t feel good enough, so your lack of clarity and confidence keeps you stuck in the same old routine.

Or perhaps you have a vision for your future and a deep desire to make a difference in the world, but you’re filled with self-doubt, so just thinking about it makes you feel like a fraud and your mind screams ‘who am I to do that!!’

If so you’re in the right place, I’ve been there, and I know what it takes to create the change you crave.

Hi, I’m Vicky Drake and I’m an Empowerment Coach for Sensitive Souls like you who want to discover who you really are so you can feel confident being YOU, gain clarity on what you want in life so you can work towards your goals with laser focus, and start feeling happy and fulfilled doing work that’s making a difference in the world and fills you with purpose.

I know how you feel because I felt the same just a few years ago, I felt lost and knew I needed to make changes but didn’t know where to start. After my second daughter was born in 2012 I experienced a major burnout, I suffered depression and completely lost all sense of who I was, I felt like a complete failure and a fraud. My dream of being a best-selling Author and Inspirational Speaker were shattered. One day I hit rock bottom and refused to accept this is how it was going to be, I knew I had to do something to change, my daughters were watching and if I wanted them to be happy, healthy, and living their dream life, then it was up to me to show them the way. So, with the last flickers of hope in my heart I began my journey of transformation, it was far from easy or quick, but I finally gained confidence to be unapologetically me. I had always dreamed of inspiring and empowering women to create the life of their dreams, so with a burning passion to make a difference, I became a Coach and have been fulfilling that dream for the past 2 years. This is my purpose and there is nothing else in the world that I would rather do!

As an Empowerment Coach and Intuitive-Empath I can help you to discover who you really are, so you feel confident in your own skin. I can help you gain clarity on why you’re here and what you really want so you can dare to dream of a bigger life for you and your family. And I can help you find your purpose and hone in on the message you’re here to share with the world, so you can start making a difference, live up to your full potential and inspire your children to do the same.



Is a 6-module self-study digital program with monthly live group coaching for Sensitive Souls who want to feel confident being themselves, gain clarity on what they really want, and make a difference in the world.


It’s basically the 6-step process I took to transform my life and find my purpose, and I’ve packed it all into my Signature Program to help you become who you were born to be.

The program is for you if you’ve always felt different and never really fit in, you want to feel confident just being yourself so you can overcome your self-doubt, you want clarity on why you’re here and what you really want to create in your life, so instead of feeling lost you feel deeply fulfilled, and you want to find and fulfil your purpose so you can achieve your full potential and make a difference in the world without feeling like a failure or a fraud. By the time you’ve finished the Rebellious Soul Program you’ll:

  • Have a deeper understanding of who you really are so you can finally begin to accept yourself fully
  • Gain self-confidence so you can express your wants and needs without bending to everyone else’s
  • Know what your purpose is so you’re heading in the right direction because let’s face it, in todays world it’s far too easy to get distracted!
  • Know what message you’re hear to share with the world, so you have clarity and can stay on track when those mind gremlins try to steer you off course
  • Create a vision for your future so you know what you’re aiming for and you’re driven to achieve it
  • Have the tools needed to keep you focused on your path
  • Develop the mindset needed to overcome your self-doubt and believe in yourself - halla- fricking-luiah!!
  • Have tools to develop a daily self-care regime so you can honour your sensitive nature without burning out because you deserve it and your soul needs it


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It takes courage to be who you really are in a world where everyone is trying to fit, dare to be different, dare to be YOU, that’s a Rebellious Soul!

The Rebellious Soul Program includes:

  • 9 pre-recorded video training sessions so you can watch them in your own time (I know
    you’re busy!)
  • Module workbooks to help you deep dive into your subconscious mind and find the answers
    that are already within
  • A range of personality tests to help you discover yourself on a deeper level
  • Guided meditations and audios to help you relax and honour your sensitive nature
  • A powerful Time Line Therapy™ audio to help you implant the vision of your dream life into your subconscious mind to guarantee you achieve it (holy shit this is gooooood!)
  • Life time access to the content, and any updates, all housed in a purpose-built membership site, so you have easy access to all content in one place
  • A private Facebook group for members so you have a tribe of like-minded women supporting you on your journey (this one is priceless!)
  • A one-day online group coaching call to be attended after you have completed the material (I recommend allowing 2 weeks per module), so I can intuitively help you hone in on your purpose and message (warning: Goosebumps and tears are likely)
  • On-going monthly group coaching calls so I can continue to support you on your journey to becoming who you were born to be because I am committed to your success!


Plus, as a bonus

My Mindfulness & Self-care ebook with accompanying audios 

To help you become more mindful and present in your days, allowing you to enjoy the journey to becoming the best version of you. You never know who you really are and what you’re capable of until you dare to look, trust me you will be pleasantly surprised, and you might just learn to love who you find.

Tapping to Release Overwhelm
A special Fast EFT Masterclass hosted by Terezka Rothova to help you release overwhelm so you can feel more present and focused.

Here’s how your Rebellious Soul journey will unfold:

Module 1 – Discover The Real You

By the end of this module you’ll have learned:
- About different personality traits, developing a deeper self-awareness
- What your core values are and how knowing these can help your decision-making process
- Who you are now, who you want to be and what stands in your way to achieving it

Module 2 – Find Your Purpose

By the end of this module you’ll have learned:
- What you are passionate about and what your unique gifts and skills are
- What your life path number is and how this affects your purpose
- What your greatest challenge is and how this relates to your purpose

Module 3 – Find Your Message

By the end of this module you’ll have learned:
- What unique message you are here to share with the world
- Your big WHY that will drive you forward in pursuit of your purpose

Module 4 – date to dream

By the end of this module you’ll have learned:
- What you really want in life and how to get it
- What stands between you and your vision and how to overcome it
- How to program your subconscious mind to achieve your dream, guaranteed!

Module 5 – Mindset Mastery & Manifesting Your Dream

By the end of this module you’ll have learned:
- The biggest beliefs that hold you back and how to change them
- How to co-create with the Universe to achieve your dream

Module 6 – Balance your brilliance

By the end of this module you’ll have learned:
- A ‘shit load’ of tools to keep you balanced and help you create a daily routine that works for
- The importance of self-care on the journey to self-discovery
Group Coaching Day – Live & Online
By the end of this day you’ll understand:
- Exactly what your purpose is
- The unique message you’re here to share with the world
“Our greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high, and we miss it, but that it’s too
low and we reach it” Michaelangelo

Ready to change your life?

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You're ready for the Rebellious Soul Program if:

  • You’ve been through your fair share of challenges and you’re ready to create real change, get your confidence back and start making a difference in your life and the lives of others
  • You’ve been thinking ‘there must be more to life than this’ or asking yourself ‘who am I?’ and searching for more meaning to life
  • You feel lost and know you need to change but you just don’t know where to get started

You’re not quite ready for the program if:

  • You’re struggling with depression, this pains me to say because I’ve been there, however once the fog lifts please feel free to join us
  • You’re are not ready to take 100% responsibility for your life and commit to the time required to complete the course
  • Swearing offends you, I’m deeply passionate and at times my language can be quite ‘colourful’ so if the F word offends this is not for you

Ok, so now the bit you really want to know, how much does it cost?
As you know by now I believe everyone has a purpose, you’re here for a reason and you have amazing gifts you haven’t yet discovered, and when you find them and share them with the world, you can create the life of your dreams.

I believe in you, but you need to believe in you, and one of the best ways to start that journey is to invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself you say, ‘I’m worth this’ and that alone does a huge lot of good for your self-esteem!

The Rebellious Soul Program is yours for a one-off payment of £1997


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And because I don’t want the cost to be something that stands in your way of finding your true self and purpose, you can also pay in 3 monthly instalments of £665


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The doors close for enrolment on Friday 23 rd March at 11.59pm GMT 

Take-action now before enrolment closes on Friday 23rd March and in 12 weeks’ time you will feel a whole lot better than you do now, if not everything will remain the same, and I know you’re ready for change.


I know that if you implement everything you learn in the program, and continue your journey with my support and the support of your fellow Rebellious Soul Sisters, you will get your confidence back and become who you were born to be.

How do I know this?

Because what I teach in the Rebellious Soul program is exactly what I did to find myself and find my purpose, and its what other Rebellious souls who have taken the program are doing right now, here's what they have to say:

"I first connected with Vicky in her previous business as a Birth Mentor and I immediately felt she was someone I could trust to see the real me beyond the layers, I could sense it, she was also quite 'sweary', which works for me!

A few years later when life felt overwhelmingly tough in every aspect, her name kept coming to me, so I got in touch, just in time to sign up to her new programme; Rebellious Soul.

When we first spoke about it I was feeling overwhelmed, I knew things needed to change, I had lost confidence at work and I was having difficulties in terms of my closest relationships and friendships.  I've always been a worrier and it seems that having two toddlers had also brought with it anxiety. I wasn't good at self-care. I felt lost and didn't know what to do to make life better or different.

The only reservations I had before starting the course was the financial cost but I absolutely felt it would be right for me, so I made it work.

Since completing the Rebellious Soul programme with Vicky life has certainly improved. It has helped me in many ways; the first two sessions on who I am and what my purpose in life is, were eye openers. I finally understand who I am and that it's ok, and that there are others like me! Learning about highly-sensitive people and empaths has helped me to stop fighting my own personality and to listen to my body and my instinct.

I have found a new confidence in me and dare to dream of a better, happier life for me and my family. I think these are the things I'm most happy with.

This is a huge course, Vicky has offered suggested reading, ways to work on my self-care, ways to protect my spirit, ways to change the language I use about myself and how better to manage others. I feel I will continue to reap the rewards of the course for a long time to come. It's great to know that by meeting the other Rebellious Souls on the programme that I'm not on this journey alone. The monthly calls with Vicky will be a great way to absorb all that Vicky has shared with me and bring it to fruition.

If like me you feel "at a loss", misunderstood and frustrated with your "lot" in life, I truly feel that this course will help you to feel empowered to make changes for you, your life and loved ones".

Much love, Claire

​"Before starting Vicky’s Rebellious Souls programme I had an idea of where my soul’s purpose was, this was given clarity from 1:1 coaching I had with Vicky prior to the programme. However, I still doubted myself, I wanted to really believe that I could follow this through, I didn’t want it to be a pipe dream, I wanted to know that this really is what I’m meant to be doing but I was full of self-doubt and limiting beliefs!

The course has helped me to really believe in myself. It has given me clarity around my purpose, which has made me realise failure is not possible because this is my path. The course has taught me to listen, to trust and look inward and because of this, I have a new belief that can’t go wrong! To not worry about the detail but keep my vision strong. Self-doubt still creeps in, but I have tools now to work with this and not let it fog my vision.

My confidence in my life’s purpose has come about because Vicky has helped me to define it; to really dream big, I thought I was, but then through the course’s visualisations and tools in listening to myself, I blew my dream out of the water with a bigger one!!

The course has helped me to lose the boundaries I had put upon myself. I’m finally beginning to listen and trust in myself. This is a gift for life. The Rebellious Souls programme has given me this beautiful seed that I will be gentle with and nourish every day. The monthly follow up calls will help me do this. Alongside this, I have belief now and this will ensure I feel aligned to my dream life and passion. The Rebellious Souls course has given me a centre point, an energy that I know is my soul talking and when I float off in self-doubt and too much thought, I can re-gain focus and return to this place Vicky has helped me uncover".

With much love and huge thanks,


"Before working with Vicky, I was stuck in a rut. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. I was always tired, often in a bad mood, snapping at my husband and my kids, week in week out.

I tried doing some self-care and mindfulness to help keep me energised and keep stress and overwhelm at bay, but it was an ongoing struggle. I had no plan for my own future other than more of the same.

The Rebellious Soul program has helped me to realise and accept who I really am. Working with Vicky is amazing, it's like she just knows what you're thinking.

Since completing the course I now feel much more positive about the future. I am at the start of a journey of self-discovery, personal development and living my soul's purpose. The Rebellious Soul Program has given me the kick start I needed to change my life and start living my dream".


Remember enrolment closes on Friday 23 rd March 2018 so click below to get started today!

The Rebellious Soul Program is yours for a one-off payment of £1997


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Or you can also pay in 3 monthly instalments of £665


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When you click the ‘Enrol Now’ button you will be taken to a registration page, where you can pay using all major credit cards, once you sign up you will receive instant access to the course platform, so you can get stuck straight into the material and join the private Facebook group with your fellow Rebellious Soul Sisters. Within a couple of days, you will receive an email from me welcoming you to the program and sharing details for the 1 day online group coaching call, which takes place on Wednesday 20th June.

The time to change is now, we only ever have this moment. If you want to be able to show up and be accepted for who you really are, if you want clarity on what you want in life and how to make it happen, and if you want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, then join me on this powerful journey of self-discovery and transformation, so you can find the confidence and clarity you crave and create the changes you know you need to make



Still got doubts?

I know decision making can often be a painful process so let me address some of the FAQs you may have:

Will it work?

There are no guarantees in life and I can’t guarantee that this course will work for you because it’s not me doing the work, it’s YOU. What I can guarantee is that I have given my all putting this course together, I will use my gift of intuition to help you find your purpose and message and I will continue to support you on your journey in the Facebook group and on with monthly Coaching, but the transformation comes from your commitment to do the work, show up for the calls and follow through on what you’ve discovered. I can help you find yourself but only you can accept what you find. I can help you find your purpose but only you can choose to fulfil it.
My end of the bargain will work, you must commit to your end too.

I’m really busy, how long does it take?

I recommend completing the modules within 12 weeks, that gives you 2 weeks per module. Each module will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. But the real question isn’t how long does it take to complete, it’s are you willing to take the time to invest in yourself to get the results you want? This course is an investment in yourself and your future. The thoughts and decisions you make today create your tomorrow. If you aren’t prepared to spend 1.5 hours per week working on yourself and creating the life of your dreams, then this course isn’t right for you and you aren’t right for the course.

It’s a lot of money, I can’t afford it…

I have 2 answers to this question because I think there is really 2 questions in it:

I want to invest but I feel selfish and don’t think I can justify spending this much money on myself…
Lot’s of women feel this way when they first start working on their own development. We’ve been taught to put everybody else’s needs before our own, so this really goes against the grain and awakens the demon of our unworthiness and self-doubt. But trust me when I say, being selfish is the most selfless thing you can do. You want the best for yourself, your family, and their future, right? But how can you give them the best of you when you aren’t living the best of you? You can’t give what you don’t have. Investing in you and becoming the best version of you, IS giving your all to those around you. This program not only serves you, it serves the people you love and of course when you step into your full power, it serves the world too. Because what the world needs right now is for people to wake up and own their brilliance and let that Mother-F*cker shine!!! (oooh you know I’m getting passionate when the F word comes out!)

No really, I don’t have the money!!
Now I am NOT a financial adviser so I can’t advise you either way on this one but what I can say is if this is really resonating with you, which it must be if you’ve got this far, and you can’t manage the instalments but your Soul is screaming ‘I want this!’ then please reach out to me so we can come up with a payment plan that works, I want you to feel confident, be truly happy with your life and achieve your purpose because when you do that, you change the world. If spreading the payments over a longer period would make it manageable for you then let’s see what we can do. This wouldn’t change anything about the program except the live group coaching call which you will be able to attend when all payments are complete. You can book a call with me here and let’s work together to create a plan

Can I get a refund if the course isn’t for me?

In a word, no.
Here’s why; it takes courage to admit you need to change and then to act on making that happen and investing a big sum of money in yourself is a huge step forward and a massive self-esteem boost. If you then decide to quit on yourself and ask for a refund you will always have that feeling of not being good enough, or worthy or deserving, and I refuse to allow that to happen. I once had a client who did this, or tried, she made a huge investment and as often happens, her ego freaked out because it knew it was losing control. After just one session she asked for a refund and I
said she could have a refund but ONLY when she completed all the sessions she signed up for and I offered her some additional sessions to help ease her concerns. Long story short she never did ask for her refund because she got what she initially signed up for and refused to quit on herself.
So, a refund is not an option. If you’re a quitter, don’t start.

If you’ve made it to this point my goodness, congratulations!!

All jokes aside, if you still have questions you would like to ask you can drop me an email at or book a call to chat with me at

I know this is a big investment to make and I want to be able to reassure you that it’s the right one, providing of course that it is, I will intuitively know the moment we talk and I would never allow someone to sign up who isn’t the right fit, because energy and intention are everything!

Much love

Vicky x