seeing the signs

When we are open to seeing them life shows us all the signs we need to follow our path to fulfil our purpose and mother the dream we long to live.

I talk a lot about following the signs throughout my blogs so today I would like to share with you some of the signs that I have received over the past 5 months since I hit publish on my first ever blog post and how those signs have catapulted me so close to my dream that I can almost taste it; just 5 months ago I could never have imagined the path that was about to unfold but I practiced what I preach, I took the inspired action, followed the signs and step by step I am mothering my dream. I am sharing this with you so that you can become open to the signs in your life and begin to follow them because when you do life is going to get so much easier and well, quite frankly miracles will happen.

If you have followed my blog to date you will already know that my dream is to be a number 1 bestselling author; I have always longed to write but I never dared I just didn’t think I was good enough, then back in March 2014 I just couldn’t hold it in any longer and I wrote my first blog. I sat with it for a week before I faced by biggest fear and posted it on my personal Facebook page for all my friends and family to see; to see the real me, heart and soul, warts and all. When I sat down to write my 3rd blog a whole new level of writing started to flow through me, I shared my story of postnatal depression and what it had taught me and the comments I got back of support and resonance were amazing, I could suddenly see very clearly what I was supposed to write and it was very different to what I had originally intended. Things were about to get raw, honest and extremely personal.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the many years in my pursuit to becoming an author is that the book is only one small part of the process, to be a successful author and to get your book proposal onto a publishers desk you have to ‘be’ someone; you have to have credibility, a huge platform of tens of thousands of followers, you have to be considered an expert in your field and be able to demonstrate how you can sell your book; I hate selling!! It was these things that always made my dream seem so unattainable but this little voice inside me told me it wouldn’t be this way for me, I clung to that little tiny spark of hope.

At the end of May just 2 months after posting my first blog I got my first sign; a friend told me about the Transformation Author Event (TAE), an online event designed for people like me who have a book in them that they just need to share with the world (at this point I didn’t know what my book would be about I just knew I needed to write one!!). The contest has a number of prizes but the top 10 proposals will be submitted to a publisher for consideration of a publishing contract, to get my proposal on the desk of such an infamous publisher in the traditional way would have taken years and I mean years of building my platform and setting myself up as an expert in my field but here was an opportunity, a window had been opened, it was just a tiny crack but it was all I needed; as I read the words on the TAE website my body was quite literally buzzing with energy, if you can remember the last time you felt that feeling then you know what I mean, these are the kind of signs we need to listen to. Our body gives us the signs we need all the time we just have to learn to follow them. The words they used on the contest website were words I had just written in my blog the day before, the energy cursing through my body was so tangible I could feel it, the fact that I had just discovered this contest 11 weeks after starting my blog and the voice inside my head screaming DO IT were all signs that I had to follow. I could have allowed my doubts and fears to hold me back, I could of allowed the fact that I didn’t have the money to pay for the material or the fact that at that moment in time I didn’t actually have a book idea to stop me but I didn’t, I didn’t give my logical brain time to talk me out of it I just went with the feeling and signed up.

The signs in our life often come through other people just like my friend brought the TAE into my awareness, sometimes we miss the first sign but we are always given two more chances, if you ever see something 2 or 3 times know that this is a sign you need to follow! You might see a book that stands out to you but you don’t know why, you ignore it then a few days later someone mentions it or it’s in a magazine you are reading or it pops up on Facebook, buy the book! Don’t wait for the 3rd sign, start learning to follow the signs straight away; the more you do this the more you will begin to trust them. If a little voice inside your head tells you to go somewhere but you don’t know why start learning to follow it and you will soon see that it leads you to something you needed, this happened to me a few weeks ago while planning my daughter’s second birthday party. We were having a teddy bears picnic and I’d seen some great little teddy bear car ideas on Pinterest but I didn’t have a clue where I would get the little teddy bear biscuits they used, but that weekend when I went to do the weekly shop I kept getting an image of our local Home Bargains store in my head so I went in, I never walk down the food aisle but this time I did, I wasn’t actually looking for anything I just went down the aisle and in the corner of my eye I spotted a bag of the exact teddy bear biscuits I needed for the cars!! When stuff like this happens I still get a little freaked out, it still amazes me but I have been following my intuition for so long now that I have honed my skill and you can do the same by just learning to trust those inner nudging’s without trying to logically figure it out. Your intuition is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it will become.

As well as the signs we get from other people our bodies show us the signs we need too. Imagine you have a tough decision to make, let’s say you have been offered a new job but your logical mind has already come up with half a dozen reasons why you shouldn’t take it, the journey is longer, it’s a side step, the money isn’t that much more and whatever else your ego throws into the mix to keep you stuck in that often uncomfortable comfort zone! Here’s what to do: sit comfortably and close your eyes and imagine firmly making your decision not to take the job, decide there and then that this is the decision you are making and see yourself continuing to do your current job, go through your typical day in your mind and imagine everything just staying the same as it is now and then notice what it happening in your body; is your jaw tense? Have you furrowed your brow? Does your tummy feel tight and your shoulders tense? These are all signs that this is NOT the right decision! Now open your eyes and shake it off, literally shake your arms and legs to get rid of the tension then close your eyes and firmly in your mind make the decision to accept the new job and go through the scenario in your mind; see yourself handing in your notice and starting your new job, you might not know exactly what it entails but just imagine it as best you can and see how your body starts to feel now, if you start to feel a buzz of excitement, butterflies in your tummy or a slight smile starting to creep across your face and a lowering of your shoulders and relaxing of the jaw then you know this is the right decision. I have always used this technique to listen to the signs of my body when I have a tough decision to make and it has never let me down. When I started my birth business 3.5 years ago I had a list as long as my arm of reasons not to do it, I was terrified but when I did this exercise I knew it was the right decision so I went for it and have never looked back, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs but they have taught me so many valuable lessons and now I am living the dream I envisioned just 4 years ago.

When I first signed up to the TAE I didn’t know what my book would be about, that’s quite a big reason not to go for it but I went with the feeling and over the next 2 months piece by piece the book started to form in my mind. I had 2 months to get through the 22 hours of material and complete the mammoth task of putting together my proposal and writing the first chapter, that’s once I figured out what my book was about! It took me 6 weeks just to get through the 22 hours of MP3’s, remember when we mother our dreams we have to do it slowly, once upon a time I could have done that in a week! This left me 4 weeks to get my proposal done and I had a very limited amount of time each week to write and it just so happened that within those 4 weeks both my girls came down with chicken pox at separate times meaning my window of opportunity was even smaller but I did it, when you are passionate about something you find a way! I’d love to tell you that it was easy and I enjoyed every minute but it wasn’t and I didn’t, some days I woke up buzzing with excitement but more often than not I woke up full of doubt, who am I to write this book? What the hell am I doing? I honestly gave up on it so many times, some days I actually cried because I was so close to my dream but also so far. I have dreamed of this for sooooo long and now the opportunity was here, a small chance to actually make it happen and I was terrified, the thing that scared me the most was the thought of failing. What if I don’t get my proposal read by Mark Allen or what if he does read it but think its crap? What if he loves it but realises I only have 44 followers on my blog so doesn’t think it’s worth the risk (this is after all everything that traditional publishing teaches you), what if, what if what if!! My fears and doubts screamed at me but this little voice inside of me, the one that’s much softer spoken said but what if you DO get picked, what if he reads it and loves it and you publish your book? What if 1000’s of women all over the world read it and are inspired by it? What if your dream comes true? Every time I gave up I had to listen to that little whisper. The most difficult decision to make, the one that pushes us far beyond our comfort zone is nearly always the right one to make; you have to take a leap of faith so I jumped!

As part of my proposal I had to do a competitive analysis on a book that was similar to mine, I chose Life by the Cup by Zhena Muzyka. When I read Zhena’s book I was blown away, it’s awesome! It’s the book I want to write only she has already done it, she owns a multimillion dollar organic and fair trade tea company which she founded herself whilst single handily raising her sick child, her book confirms everything that I share with you, that when you follow your passion and patiently mother your dream you will fulfil your purpose with peace and prosperity. That voice of doubt screamed louder than ever; what’s the point in writing my book I’m nobody, I’m not a millionaire, I haven’t got a skill of making beautiful tea blends the only thing I have is this burning passion to write and to help each and everyone one of you reading this to find your passion so you can live a life you probably haven’t yet dared to dream of. I gave up, again. Then one night as I got into bed and did my usual guided relaxation, filling myself up with light to remove the stress from my day, instead of seeing light being poured into me I saw milk and honey, it was completely random and I had no idea what it meant. Then the next morning I was ironing when I struck my hand on the iron and I heard a voice in my head as clear as day say ‘strike while the iron is hot’. I realised that as I was ironing I was going through all the reasons I shouldn’t write my book, I was thinking about Zhena’s book and how amazing it was and that I could never match that. I sat down that morning to write my competitive analysis on Zhena’s book but it had been a few weeks since I’d read it so I had to flick through it and make some notes, I was supposed to write something negative about the book and say why mine would be ‘better’ but I just couldn’t do it. I was ready to admit defeat when I turned to chapter 4 and was completely caught by surprise (you can see a picture of it at the top of this post), the sub-title ‘a cup of milk and honey’ transported me back to my relaxation where I literally filled myself up with milk and honey and the quote for the chapter ‘do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking’ echoed the voice I had heard in my head that morning. The iron is hot for me right now, the contest is there and I am ready, I may not have the followers but they will come, the chapter heading ‘start where you are now’ was exactly what I needed to do, start where I was with nothing but the burning passion to write and then I remembered the reason I wanted to write my book whilst I was on my journey and not at my destination is because I want people to come with me on it, I want them to share my highs and lows, to see me push past my doubts and fears and to be there when I succeed because then, hopefully I can inspire you to go for your dreams too. I don’t want to tell you all about it in hindsight, when someone holds my book in their hands they will be holding hope, hope that if an average girl like me can turn her passion and vision into a reality then so can they, this is the book I need to write because this is the book I needed to read. This was a very strong and clear sign and this is just how they appear in your life if you are open to seeing them.

That sign was a whopper; the kind most people would probably shrug off as a ‘coincidence’ but that is exactly how signs appear. Anytime you hear yourself thinking or saying ‘that’s a coincidence’ or ‘funny you should say that I was just thinking that’ then take note these are signs for you to follow. This sign got me back on track, it didn’t eradicate the doubt it just allowed the quiet whisper of hope to turn up a few decibels.

Your fears and doubts are always going to be louder than your hopes and dreams; the key is not to allow them to stop you, push through them, take the inspired action, look for and be open to follow the signs that are given to you and just keep going step by step, day by day. You don’t notice the daily growth of your child and you may not see the daily growth of your journey but every small step you take is one step closer to living the life of your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.

It’s time to listen to the voice of your inner knowing, to let go of the need to control every step of the journey and to step into the flow, trusting that you will always make the right decision and following the signs laid on your path.

I’d love you to share your thoughts on this and stories of times when you have followed the signs; do you shrug things off as just a ‘coincidence’? Please leave a comment below and come follow me on Facebook and twitter x

With love and neon signs

Vicky x