Self-Care & Mindfulness E-kit

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Let me get straight to the point; motherhood is bloody hard work.  Far harder than you probably ever imagined, yes it’s amazing and you love your child beyond measure but let’s not sugar coat it, its hard work.  There’s no training on how to balance being a mum; working; running a business; keeping a home; being a good wife/partner/daughter/friend.

Mothers are like Chinese plate spinners trying to keep everything balanced whilst looking graceful and in control.  But more often than not our plates come crashing down.

So how do you find the balance?  As an ‘all or nothing’ person this was extremely hard for me.  After my second daughter I was exhausted, stressed and completely overwhelmed.  When the doctor diagnosed me with depression my final plate crashed to the floor.  The only thing spinning was my head.  I didn’t know how to ask for help.  I knew I needed to find some balance.

I slowly began to weave self-care into my day; I set boundaries, changed my negative self-talk and began to feel the difference.  It was a slow and steady process and a huge learning curve.  During those darkest days I swore that if I could find a way out of this I would do what I could to help others too.  We all have many plates to spin; finding the balance is the key and it begins with a solid foundation of self-care.  When you’re rock steady in your centre, when you know who you’re and your needs are met, then you’re able to gracefully spin all your plates in harmony.

To help you find that balance I have put together this beautiful e-kit which includes:

  • An introductory Ebook for self-care and mindfulness with top tips on how you can start to implement the basics into your life today.  It includes the quickest and most effective tools that can fit into the busiest of days.
  • A guided meditation for guilt release – guilt is one of the biggest problems  mums face today.  We feel guilty for absolutely everything, but self-care should not be one of them! This powerful guided meditation will help you release guilt for taking a break and view self-care in a whole new light and it only takes 13 minutes!
  • A 10 minute deep breathing relaxation – deep breathing has an amazing effect on your overall health and well being and with this audio all you need to do is sit back, listen and take a lovely deep breath in!

This E-kit is for you if you’re:

  • Struggling with feelings of guilt for taking a break when you have a never ending to do list
  • Constantly juggling all the things you have to do and need to find some balance
  • Unable to relax and switch off after a busy day
  • In need of some ‘me’ time
  • Always worry about the past or thinking about the future instead of being present right here and now

I have battled all of the above and used the tools I share in this Ebook to bring myself to a place of balance, I know they can help you too.


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Q:  I’m really busy and don’t know if I will have time to read the ebook, how long is it?

A:  The Ebook is 18 pages long, I have purposely chosen the best tools that I believe can have the most effect in the least amount of time.  The book is broken down into sections so you don’t have to read it all at once, you can read it at your own pace.

Q:  I’d like to buy this as a gift for a friend, is that possible?

A:  Absolutely!!  This would make a beautiful gift, to gift this product simply click ‘buy now’ and on the order page you will see a ‘this is for someone else’ option, click this and fill out your friends details (you will need their email address) you can even set it to be delivered on a specific day, great for a birthday or Christmas gift! and you can even add your own personal message so they know exactly who sent them this thoughtful gift.

Q:  Can I download the audios?

A:  You sure can!  You will receive an email straight away with the download links so you can save them to your phone, ipod or computer and listen where ever and when ever you like.