Dear sleep deprived mum,

sleep deprivation, tired, motherhood, self-care,I see you.

I see you reaching for the coffee to make it through the day.

I see you reaching for the cake to counteract the crash from the coffee.

I see the side glances at other mums when you wonder how they manage it all. They don’t.  They are just like you, doing their best.

I see you trying so hard to keep your cool but your so tired, your so tired that you snap. It’s OK you know? Your only human.

If you’ve been trying to be like Mary Poppins remember she’s a fictional character and sleep deprivation has a knack of bringing out our inner Cruela Devil.

You only ever need to do your best, that’s good enough.

I know you adore your children so much it hurts.  You want to keep them safe, happy and healthy and sometimes you worry that maybe your not doing ‘enough’.  Especially when you’re tired. It’s hard to think straight when your tired.

There’s a reason they used sleep deprivation as a form of torture you know?

On those days when sleep has eluded you here’s what you need to know:

  • Be kind to yourself.  It’s easy to slip into a negative spiral when your tired, please be kind to yourself. Your words matter and if you really can’t muster a positive thought, it’s OK, take this as a ‘fuck it’ day.  It’ll soon pass and you can start again.
  • Listen to your body and give it what it needs.  If you can nap, NAP! No excuses.  If you’ve established it’s a ‘fuck it’ day and you need coffee/cake/wine then have it, all.  Guilt free please.
  • You can only do your best with the resources you have today.  If sleep deprivation means your a little cranky and less patient than normal, do your best with that. Sorry is a powerful word and children are very forgiving.  You’ve dealt with your fair share of their tired tantrums.
  • We all have bad days. Thankfully we all have good days too. Don’t compare your bad day to someone else’s good day.  Social media is best avoided in times of extreme tiredness if you want to avoid comparisonitis.

And dear sleep deprived mum, if sleep is like a long lost friend that you’ve not seen in a very long time, I promise you’ll meet again and it’ll be like you’ve never been apart.

You’ll forget the time that has passed and the only moment that will matter is now.  You only ever have now.

That old friend will come back and when she does she’ll be older and wiser, just like your babies.

I’m not going to say ‘cherish these days’ because sometimes its hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re so tired. Just remember to find some balance the best way that you can and always be kind to yourself.

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I wish you well and may the sleep gods be kind to you tonight,

With love

Vicky x