Start at the end? That’s backwards right? Well that’s exactly what I’ve done and here’s why it the best thing to do!

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So last week I launched my first ever online program, well I say launched, I created a page on my blog to tell you about it and then mentioned it in my blog and posted it in a couple of Facebook posts, hardly what you would call a ‘launch’.  So when sales didn’t role in its hardly surprising, my first thought was ‘do people not like it?’ but the responses and personal messages I have received from people I don’t even know telling me there is huge demand for this and even asking if we could somehow work together tells me that they do! so what’s missing?  In one word: marketing.

Now I am first to hold my hands up and say I hate selling, whenever I’ve tried to sell something in the past my voice goes all funny and I don’t even sound like me,  it’s just something I don’t feel comfortable doing and now here I am pretty much trying to sell the hardest thing of all, me.  These days people by people not products, if you build trust and your customers/readers fall in love with you they will buy your stuff but there’s an art to it, one I haven’t yet mastered.

The deep end

So after launching the product, that I haven’t yet created, I realised I had to get my head around internet marketing, advertising and sales funnels.  The more I read the more there is to learn and each time I go to take a step I realise there is at least 3 steps I need to take before that one but guess what, I’ve loved it!  Normally this kind of stuff would batter my head to the point of overwhelm and  I would just do nothing, but I have to properly launch this program so I have to get serious about this stuff and I’m loving every minute of the head battering challenge.  To top it all off its half term so I have an even smaller window of time to create and launch my program, no pressure!

The truth is had I of thought this whole thing through instead of diving head first into the deep end I just wouldn’t have done it.  There would have been far too much information to take in and just not enough time to create it, I hadn’t equated for the hours spent on writing my copy (I didn’t even know what writing copy meant last week!), creating opt in lists, landing pages, sales pages, free video content and all the other stuff there is to go into launching a product (did I mention I haven’t actually created the course yet, ha!).


I’m so glad I chose to launch the program, it was an inspired action, I got the idea, the urge to take action and just went for it and now I am taking the steps to make it happen.  The best part of all has been how everything I have needed has landed right on my lap.  As I sat thinking about getting my head around internet marketing and how to do it a sponsored post on Facebook pops up telling me exactly what I needed!  Last week I found 2 groups on Facebook; Ambitious modern mothers club and Profit Primer – for businesses who want to increase sales and profit.  These groups are full of wonderful women (and men in the latter) who have helped me no end and on Monday morning when I sat down to write my copy for my advert a post in the ambitious mothers group popped up on ‘ how to write copy without hiring a copy writer’, you little beauty!  This is how it happens, this is the way it goes, you just have to jump in and trust that everything will come to you at just the right time and it will I promise you but you must take inspired action, never force anything to happen, I know that seems counter intuitive because we’ve been taught we have to push to get where we want to be but we don’t, we have to know where we want to be and then it will come to us in perfect timing.  You have to dream – believe – create!

Ok, I’m keeping it short and sweet this week because I have rather a large amount to do!

It’s time to jump in at the deep end, no more waiting until you have all the information, all the details, until everything is ‘perfect’, if you know what you want and you are inspired to take action DO IT! You’ll never regret it I promise.  When your old and grey and look back over your life you will only ever regret the things you didn’t do!

With love and happy endings,

Vicky xx



photo credit: fliegender via photopin cc