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Save this image to your phone to remind you to BREATHE this summer ^^^

School is out for Summer! ‘Woo hoo’ cry the kids and the teachers ‘here we go’ mutter mums.

It’s lovely to get to spend the Summer with our children, and I know many mums would love to have 6 weeks off, but the truth is it can also be exhausting if your children are still young.

So to help I’ve created the 7 steps to Summer ‘survival’ for busy mums with the acronym BREATHE:

B is for BREATHE.  When we take deep, purposeful breaths we switch on the bodies relaxation response, however these days most of us shallow breathe, especially when stressed.  Remember as often as you can throughout the day to pause and focus on your breath and the present moment.  Breathe it in.  

If your day is going pear shaped take a moment to focus on your breath and remind yourself ‘it’s just a bad moment not a bad day or a bad life’. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for as long as you’re able, let it go and start again.

R is for REST. There’s no medal for pushing yourself to the edge.  If you need a rest take it whenever you can, if that means your partner has to take over at the end of the day then so be it.  Bring steps 1 & 2 together and spend 5 minutes deep breathing to bring your body back into a state of relaxation.  You’re much more able to deal with tantrums and long days when you’re calm and centred. Self-care is essential, give yourself what you need so you can give to others.

E is for ENERGY.  First and foremost we’re energetic beings, so it figures to give out the energy our children need we first need to cultivate energy within us, this includes our thoughts and expectations.  To get your day off to the best start rise a little earlier if you can so you have at least 10 minutes to yourself.  Do a few stretches if you can to get your energy flowing and set your intentions for the day.  Your thoughts radiate from you and will affect your children, if you expect them to misbehave they will.  Expect the best and use steps 1 & 2 if things go down hill to reset and start again.

Ask yourself throughout the day: what am I expecting? what energy am I giving out?

A is for ACTION. Children and adults get restless when bored so plan an activity every day, that doesn’t mean over schedule your summer, even just a walk or a picnic in the garden to break up the day.  If kids started whining ‘i’m bored’ give them something to do that’s different – my girls love to raid the recycling bag and get a roll of cellotape to make stuff with the boxes. If things start going downhill change whatever you’re currently doing. You could create an ‘ideas bag’ together – write down lots of things you would like to do this summer and then each day pull out a slip of paper and do whatever activity you have chosen. 

T is for TEAM.  As they say it takes a village to raise a child.  If you’re an introvert, like me, it can be hard to reach out to people and arrange play dates but try and remember all the other introverted mothers are feeling the same way! When you’re on your own with kids all day they can be looong but just having another adult around can make a massive difference, so reach out to people and connect.  Make a list today of all the mums you could connect with this summer.

H is for HUMOUR. Having a sense of humour is so important.  Things can get tricky at times and when you’re tired and kids are whining it can be hard to see the funny side and we can get all serious and ‘adulty’ but just because we’re the adult it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and be silly, sometimes its just what a situation needs, a bit of humour. My go to humour when things are getting ‘crazy’ is to talk in a silly voice, pull faces or start walking silly, it stops a tantrum and breaks the ice of a bad mood.  Bring some humour to the long days, life doesn’t have to be so serious.

E is for ENJOY. This is the ONLY Summer you will get with your child/children when they’re this age.  They will never be this young again and you will never get to relive this summer so do your best to enjoy as much of it as you can, following the steps above will help and ensuring your get your needs met too.  

Just remember to BREATHE daily and deeply!

And if you feel like you could do with a little more support to ‘survive’ summer please check out my Self-care Summer School, it’s an online LIVE class each Monday night at 8pm (UK) time designed especially for busy mums.

Each week we cover a different subject (such as self-care, mindfulness and energy work) and I will guided you through a deeply relaxing meditation.  This is your ‘me’ time to help set you up for your week and provide you with tools to help you through the summer and your mothering journey.  You’ll also get recorded MP3 files so you can use the tools daily to rest and restore.  All for only £27!  Check it out here.

You don’t have to ‘survive’ summer alone, join other mums on the Self-Care Summer School and connect with them in our private facebook group, I hope to see you there.

Much love

Vicky x

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