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Paradise is waiting!

I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I started blogging!  In that time I have shared lots of information with you on mothering your dream and whilst everything I have shared will help you move towards that dream it’s all pointless if you don’t know what that dream is, so today I would like to focus a little more on what you want and I mean what you REALLY want because I know most of you don’t know what that is.

Let me begin by telling you that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have and I mean that.  The information I have gathered over the past 7 years is life changing but its only life changing to the degree you allow it to be, but most people don’t really believe it or allow it.  It’s been ingrained into our psyche from a very young age that we have to work hard to make money; we have to ‘play the game’.  We leave school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have children and live happily ever after; or do we?  When you look around are people really happy following this typical model of how life should be?  Life is a game but we were all given the wrong rule book!  It’s time to change the rules, we are all good law abiding citizens but we’ve been following the wrong law (now I’m not saying go break the law but that you have to understand the greatest universal law of all – the Law of Attraction).

Its law accept it

When I ask what you want? most people think within the realms of those around them, they see what others have and think they want that; they think they should be grateful for what they have when there are so many others in the world with a lot less and therefore don’t really dream beyond what they have or allow themselves to dream of what they really want.  The Law of Attraction is governing your world every single day whether you choose to accept it or not and what you think about is what you get, so it figures you might as well start thinking about what you want right? You don’t have to see gravity to know it exists, its law, we accept it.  You don’t have to know how electricity works to benefit from it and likewise you don’t have to see or know how the LOA works, you just have to accept it.

What do you NOT want?

Ok, so I get that some people might not really know what they want yet because they haven’t really dared to believe it or like me in the beginning you might have an idea of what you want and you allow your imagination to start thinking of having it and you start to get a buzz, you feel amazing when you think about it but then you come back to ‘reality’ with a bang and think ‘I just have to accept how things are’.  But right in that moment when you were feeling amazing and thinking about what you want you were activating the LOA, you were bringing it to you but you gave up, and as soon as you stopped thinking about it and started accepting your current reality you just started getting more of your current reality.  You have to feel it to make it happen, whenever you feel good it’s because you are in alignment with who you really are and we can have that every single day.  If you are not feeling good you are not in alignment and here is the first big clue to discovering what you really want, knowing what you don’t want!

One of the first things people think when they first discover the LOA is ‘I would never of attracted this’.  They look at all the things in their life that they don’t want and think that because they don’t want them they couldn’t have attracted them but the law states that what you are thinking about you attract, it doesn’t matter if you think I don’t want it or I do want it, it’s the thinking of it that brings it to you. So get clear on what you want and think only of that, simple right? No. It’s not that simple because when your current ‘reality’ is layered with things you don’t want it can be pretty tricky to start thinking positive but it can be done, bit by bit, step by step we mother that dream.

Health, wealth and relationships

As a general rule health, wealth and a meaningful relationship are the top three things most people want so start by focusing on these.  Look at your life in each of these categories and notice the things you have that you want and the things you have that you don’t and know that your attention to them is what brought them to you.  Now for each of the ‘I don’t want this’ items you need to switch around to what you do want.  You might not know what job you want to do but I bet you know from your current job what you don’t want!  Perhaps you work full time but want to work part time, perhaps you aren’t passionate about your job, maybe you travel to much; whatever it is you don’t like about your job switch it around to its opposite.  ‘I want a part time job that I am passionate about that enables me to work close to home’.  Now, before your logical mind goes into over drive trying to mentally find you a job, stop it and just focus on what you want and do this every day, the job will come.

Let’s take money, this is one I am working on personally, my current reality doesn’t matter because I am working on my future and I can tell you that I am so excited for the prosperity that is coming to me, I am eagerly waiting for it whilst happily living in the moment.  If you are currently in debt or have a very negative charge when it comes to money it can be hard to imagine that but believe me until you do your situation won’t change.  Here is what I have been working on over the past few weeks:

  • Meditate – spending 15 minutes a day just focusing on your breath will change your life; here is a beautiful meditation audio for financial abundance.  Don’t under estimate the power of your breath and a silent mind!
  • Redirect negative thoughts – every time you catch yourself thinking negatively about money know that you are projecting more things to worry about money into your future so in that moment stop and redirect your thoughts. If you can’t think positively about money just think about something else, focus on how much you love your children or think about something you are looking forward to in the future.  Don’t talk about money in a negative way to anyone.
  • Visualise – spend 15 minutes a day visualising what you DO want. In our money example you might imagine living in a beautiful home and having a few holidays a year, you might see yourself wearing beautiful clothes or jewellery, whatever that feeling of abundance would mean to you, visualise it but most importantly feel it.  Do it until a little smile spreads across your face!  This is how you draw the things you want to you. It’s law.
  • Generalise don’t specialise – when you start thinking about the things you want your logical mind is going to jump in and say ‘how can I do this?’ it’s going to want to work it all out but don’t try and see the specific details of how you will achieve your vision or you will start to doubt it. Pay attention to how you feel, this is the key, if you are visualising and feel good you are in alignment, if you visualise and feel doubtful you are not in alignment. Feel good!

There is so much I want to tell you!  I can already tell that one book won’t be enough J

See a penny pick it up

By the very nature of the Law of Attraction this post came to you today for a reason.  You want more from life and this is the proof that you can have it.  Start implementing these steps above and you will start moving towards that which you want.  Depending how negatively charged you are in your current thoughts about a particular situation it may take a little bit of time and you may need to keep redirecting thoughts but as you start thinking good thoughts you attract more good thoughts and so on.  Give it a shot; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  By the way if you are buzzing at the thought of being able to make the changes you want then this post has resonated with your soul and its confirmation you are on track, if you are feeling doubtful and don’t believe it you will get more doubt and proof of your disbelief so start with a little experiment; see if you can manifest a penny in the next 3 days.  Say mentally now ‘I want to manifest a penny within the next 3 days’, when it comes celebrate and know that this is proof you just activated the LOA and your dreams are just a thought (or two) away.

Just remember you get what you think about whether you want it or not.

It’s time to start making our dreams come true, it’s time to think about what we really want and let go of that which we don’t.  It’s time my friends to live beyond our wildest dreams!

With love and general happy thoughts

Vicky x

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