​Who do you think you are?

Because who you *think* you are and who you REALLY are, are completely different.

During my Mindfulness retreat’s when I ask women to describe themselves in 10 words or less most write their job title or qualities that they possess i.e. ‘teacher’ or ‘perfectionist’, however they often struggle with the task. They find it easier to write down what they consider their negative aspects to be rather than their positives, and sometimes they associate with their thoughts and emotions such as ‘angry’ or ‘sad’.

You are not your thoughts or emotions.  You may feel angry or sad at times, you may feel happy, but they are not who you are and most women really struggle to understand and accept themselves on a deeper level.

Who you really are is a mix of your core beliefs and values, those things that you’re deeply passionate about and believe with all your heart, but often we don’t know what we believe until someone comes along to challenge that belief and we get triggered.

Do you know what you’re passionate about? Do you know your top 3 values? What do you believe to be true with your whole heart?

The answers to these questions can help you tap into who you really are, but the trouble is most of us don’t dare speak up about our true feelings and beliefs, we’re all too busy trying to fit in so we don’t dare speak out when someone rocks the boat for fear of being judged or rejected.

We bury our negative emotions, ‘it’s a dog eat dog world out there’ so we’re told to ‘toughen up’ and put on a ‘brave face’.

The trouble is when we don’t speak up and express ourselves freely we begin to lose sight of who we really are.  Our beliefs and values get mixed up with other people’s and societies.

When everyone is holding back from being who they really are we create an inauthentic world.  I sure as hell don’t want to ‘belong’ to a world where everyone is just trying to fit in, I want to belong to a world where everyone is true to themselves, where we share our truth openly and accept ourselves and each other.

To create that kind of world we each must be who we really are.

Take some time to ponder the questions above, grab your journal and get writing.  Get to know yourself on a fundamental level, learn to accept and love who you are and share that self-expression with the world.  That’s my hope for you and the rest of the world.

Before I went on my own journey of self-discovery I was such a people-pleaser and I was terrified of expressing my thoughts and beliefs, but once I tapped into who the real me is and got clear on what I wanted in life, I realised the only thing standing between me and my dreams was my fear of being seen for who I really am, it was fear of judgement and rejection. Yet I was judging and rejecting myself and the worst critic in the world is the one who lives inside your own head.

When you allow yourself to be all of who you are without apology, that is true freedom and empowerment.

Please, learn to love and accept yourself for who you really are because if we all did that we could change the world.

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Much love, Claire

​What the world needs right now is more Empowered Women stepping up and speaking up!

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Much love

Vicky x

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