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This morning as we were getting ready for school my daughter said “I want to keep fit mammy like you”, I was so happy that my new fitness regime was having a positive impact, then she said 3 words that knocked the wind out of me “but you failed”.

In a nano second my mind raced through all kinds of thoughts, if my jaw could of hit the floor it would of, so I asked “how did I fail?” to which she replied “because you gave up”.

She’s referring to my running.  A few weeks ago I went for my first ever run and managed 2.7 miles, I say managed, I couldn’t walk 2.7 feet for the next few days and I ached for a week before my next run! I haven’t been again since.

I believe moments like these are when we can teach our children the most so I explained that giving up something never means that you failed, failure is never trying in the first place.  Failure is spending your whole life dreaming of something and never taking action.  If you try something and don’t like it and stop, that’s not failure.

How can we ever succeed in life if we see ‘giving up’ as failure?  If you think you’re a failure often enough it will become your belief and therefore your reality.

I asked her if she wanted to get fit and had a choice between running and hating it or dancing and loving it which would she choose, of course she chose dancing.  I explained that I haven’t giving up running, I just haven’t decided whether I like it enough to continue yet and when I do it will be my choice based on how it feels for my body and that does not mean that I ‘gave up’ or failed but that I made the right decision for me.

I want my daughters to make mistakes and ‘fail’ because every seeming mistake and failure is an opportunity to learn.  Most people hide from their mistakes and failures but if only they would look them straight in the eye and see what they were hear to teach them, they would learn more than they could ever imagine and be freed from having to repeat the lesson again.

I was coaching an amazing woman yesterday who had a limiting belief that she was not successful running her own business.  During the process of Time Line Therapy we looked at this limiting belief and the positive lessons it served to teach her, there were a few but one was – ‘when I open myself to receive failure that is what I receive, when I open myself to receive joy and abundance that is what I receive’.

She realised that she made a decision that she was ‘a failure’ and that thought became her belief pattern which continues to play out in her business.  She has now released this limiting belief by acknowledging the lessons it brought and she is now free to create the success she desires.

The evaluations we make of ourselves and others will become our reality.

What limiting belief have you created about yourself?  Do you see yourself as a failure because you ‘gave up’ something?

You can’t create the business and life that you desire when you have limiting beliefs about yourself.

If you’re ready to release your limiting beliefs so you can move forward with your business and life I would love to support you on that journey.  Drop me an email at or book a free connection call here and lets see if we’re are a good fit to work together.

I’ll leave you with my all time favourite quote by Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right

With love

Vicky x